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Letters to the editor

Now that you are reporting on a proposed sewer system for Mound House please tell the whole story. I was at the public meeting held on Feb. 5 and skeptically ponder how the article published on Feb. 29 was written.

The reporter was not at the meeting. Was she given a tape recording? And the time to align all the details? Come back to the whole story.

You might want to report on why some residents are so quick to seek a redress of their grievances. This sewage problem just did not occur overnight. This problem has grown out of years of county government approved growth that totally disregarded the problems being created for the future.

Think about why an entire industrial park was allowed to be built without sewage service. Think about why residential lots, served by septic systems, were approved at one-third acre or even less.

The sad part of this story is it closely resembles the Mound House water system crisis of several years ago. When unsupported growth outpaced the available resources grants and funding was brought in to fix the problem.

Water rates to this day are some of the highest in the area.

What is really sad is that our self-proclaimed conservative, honest ethical county leaders subsidize private development with taxpayer money.


Mound House

Greater threats to the country than juiced-up jocks

Help me on this, if you can.

Say, for example, there is ample suspicion that al Qaida is juiced up on steroids. Is it possible that the self-designated Capitol Hill Secretary of State, the leader of the radical left anti-American movement, could get her troops interested enough in the safety of America to show as much zeal in pursuing those intent on doing us harm as they are in wasting time and money in pursuing those among us with no greater ambition in life than playing kids’ games?

The latter group pose no threat to our safety, but the murderous head choppers for about 14 centuries (they are patient) have planned, and are now working on our extermination.

Are there those among us so naive, detached from reality that you are conned into juvenile security thoughts?

People of direct knowledge tried to warn us about the Clintons, but the voters slept.

Similarly, almost on a daily basis now we can sift through what passes as news and recognize the perils in the offing, but instead the nation put the Socialist Party in charge, and in the Congress of the United States they find no more threat to American than juiced up jocks.




Congress is good at wasting time

Watching the Senate on TV, it seems as though they are always waiting for a member to arrive and speak.

Time wasted.

Watch the Senate take a vote, it seems the senators want their vote to be the deciding vote.

Time wasted.

They have time to hold hearings on sports figures and get them sent to jail, but unable to hold hearings to approve judges who have been chosen for as much as 10 months.

Time wasted.

They have time to ignore the fuel problem in this country as if it doesn’t exist.

Our local fuel supply exceeds that of the Middle East, but no, let the citizens of the United States of America suffer. Send half a billion dollars to the Middle East.

Money wasted.

I learned in high school and more in college that the Congress was supposed to go to Washington and do the peoples’ business and then go home. It now appears the elected have let power go to their head and will not leave in total fear of losing some of that power.

Must be a disease of some type.

More time and money wasted.

It is now time to tell them to get the work done or get out and let someone do it that can.


Carson City

Doesn’t like the legacy the mayor is working on

Obviously the mayor, like Bill Clinton, would like to leave a legacy after his misbehaviors while in office.

The mayor thinks the Tooterville trolley will accomplish this. When a politician makes a statement saying “if it were left to the people we wouldn’t have the 5 cents on gas in Carson City.”

I for one would never vote for him or any of his tax-raising schemes.


Carson City