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Letters to the editor

I am in the fifth grade at Northeast Elementary in Kearney, Neb.

I have adopted your state as a class project to research. I will be doing a report and other projects. Then in early May my class is having a “States Fair.” I will be displaying my report and any other information or materials I receive about your state. I am in hopes some of your readers will be able to help me with my project. I was able to research your city and newspaper on the Internet and I’m excited to learn more about your state.

I would really appreciate it if some of your readers could drop me a postcard from your state. I would like to get many different postcards to display during our “States Fair.”

I could also use maps, brochures, souvenirs, or other information that would be helpful to do a display about your wonderful state. This is a big project and I hope your readers can help.

I would be very thankful if you could print my letter in your newspaper. I hope your readers can help with my project. I will write or e-mail the newspaper again in May if you would like and let you know how my project went. My class is really excited about this project. Please send postcards and information to Northeast Elementary, 910 E 34th Street, Kearney, NE 68847. Thanks for your help.


Kearney, Neb

Bus system important to Douglas seniors

It is with no small measure of concern that I feel it necessary to write this letter. I am speaking of the contemplation that anyone or any entity who might be giving to the impairment of Douglas County’s DART Transportation System.

It has served a much-needed service, especially to the senior citizens of the area as well as the Senior Citizen Service Center itself. A noontime visit to the center will prove a full house of seniors – five days each week – many of them receiving their main and only nutritious meal of the day – and – those, like myself whose 90 years will not allow me to drive. It might be well to consider by those now in authority – that EVERYONE may one day be faced with the frailties of age.

With the above in mind, I hope and trust that even in these times of budget crunches the members of this commission will determine that Douglas County has a good thing going – not only KEEP IT, but ENHANCE IT!!



V&T vote signals misplaced priorities

I am not much of a letter writer but I felt I had to write this letter and express my opinion. I have lived in Carson City a very long time and I love this city but I am absolutely amazed at our mayor and city supervisors. How could they possibly think the way they do?

Our bicycle-riding mayor wants the city to give $10 million to an activity, namely the V&T Railway, which should be financed by private sources. He is even willing to raise taxes for that endeavor. When there was some opposition they agreed (isn’t that nice of them?) to put the question before the voters in November.

On the other hand our firemen and policemen need money to keep our growing city safe. Do the mayor and supervisor agree? Are you kidding? All they can see is having a jolly old train ride. The firemen and policemen requested more money – the city is growing and their funds are not keeping up with the times. When the supervisors were asked to put the question of more funds for the firemen and policemen on the ballot in November they said “absolutely not.” Does this tell the voters where their priorities are – it does me and I certainly do not agree with them. We all need to give some thought before voting for them again, should they run for re-election.

In the meantime, our firemen and policemen are stretched to their very limits. Let’s hope and pray that we are not attacked by criminals, especially the growing problem of gang members in our city, or that our house does not catch on fire, or that one of our loved ones does not need an ambulance. Perhaps if that happens, we should call the mayor or one of the supervisors for help – oh, that won’t do – they will be busy looking at train brochures.


Carson City