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Letters to the editor

Sen. Harry Reid deserves recognition for his support of the Special Diabetes Program.

Over 6 percent of our state’s population is affected by diabetes and many of those with this disease are already suffering from serious complications and conditions. The good news is that clinical trials supported by the Special Diabetes Program are showing progress in delaying and reversing complications such as blindness, kidney failure, and heart disease.

Thankfully, Sen. Reid realizes the importance of the Special Diabetes Program and last December worked to secure a one-year extension. This program is very close to my heart as my 14-year-old son, Ryan, was diagnosed six years ago with Type 1 and I was diagnosed with the same disease not even a year ago. With no history of Type 1 or Type 2 in our families, these past years have been a challenge.

But we find hope in this program and the progress that it is making toward a cure. And now more then ever it is crucial that we find a way to provide funding for a multi-year renewal in FY 2008, if we’re going to keep the momentum going forward.

We are thankful for Sen. Reid’s support of all of those in Nevada who have diabetes.



Douglas seniors bearing too great a budget burden

Why should the seniors of Douglas County have to take the brunt of the county budget cuts when they are paying most of the county taxes? For example, the proposed county budget presented on March 18 and 19 calls for a 5.7 percent cut in Senior Services. This is a larger cut than any other county departments are being asked to bear.

On top of that, the commissioners discussed making further cuts in senior transportation. It is not fair to ask the seniors to shoulder more than their share of the county deficit.

There were no proposals submitted with the budget with the goal of pulling Douglas County out of its current economic slump. One of the best ways to start a recovery would be to convince retirees and seniors to move to Douglas County and occupy some of our vacant housing. A majority of the Douglas County businesses such as restaurants, casinos, Realtors, financial consultants, insurance agents, retailers, etc., are dependent upon doing business with the senior population. Yet the business men and women of Douglas County seem to support the county commissioners in their continuing conflict with the county seniors.

We all recently read that the Douglas County population is declining. The only element of the population which is increasing is seniors. This is not a result of new seniors moving here, but simply because the average age of the county residents is increasing. Why should Douglas County be spending funds to build a new jail, juvenile detention facility and court rooms when the segments of the population that commit most of the criminal acts are on the decline? It would be much more advantageous to the county’s economy to build a new senior center.

Our county commissioners don’t seem to realize that many retirees and seniors who might be in the market to buy a retirement home are scared away from Douglas County by the way we mistreat our seniors. They know that someday, like all of us, they will probably want or have to take advantage of the county senior services, which are becoming slowly non-existent in Douglas County. It’s time for our county commissioners to restore the Senior Services budget for 2008/09 and develop a plan to build a new senior center. Our senior services should at least be raised to a level equivalent to our surrounding counties.



Don’t serve meat for school lunches

Reading about the horrid $67 million beef recall as a result of the slaughterhouse “downer cows” scandal – and more that the press tells us we taxpayers will likely end up paying for. Some of this beef went into the national public school lunch program.

Why don’t we just have the kids eat a simple lunch of sliced apples and oranges and whole wheat bread or celery sticks with some cheese and peanut butter. With milk or juice.

Just serve that free to every kid regardless of income. Kids don’t need piles of meat and cooked processed food for lunch. Actually NO one does!

And why not have a free school breakfast as well? A simple meal of oatmeal and raisins and orange juice before school starts – while their teachers READ to them.

Healthier well fed kids better able to learn – and taxpayers save money too.

Imagine that.


Silver City