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Letters to the editor

My wife and I were delegates and attended the Nevada State Republican Convention last Saturday. We wanted to be part of the process to ensure Nevada’s values regarding immigration, the war against terrorism, tax cuts, energy and other issues are carried forward to the National Convention later this year.

We think Sen. Bob Beers did an admirable job trying to keep order that was eventually destroyed by the “Ron Paul Losers.” Ron Paul addressed the convention in his usual whiny, ranting way completely oblivious of the fact he lost the Republican caucus in Nevada to Mitt Romney and is, in reality, the “loser” 51 percent to 14 percent. Paul said he is “still running” for president. He’s running all right, running on empty!

Romney also addressed the convention, in an upbeat and positive way, acknowledged McCain’s victories and urged us all to come together to support McCain in the fall election. But the dysfunctional “Ron Paul Losers” kept trying to disrupt the proceedings even though Ron Paul is the loser, and has no chance of ever winning the nomination.

These losers were in such a minority that, when sensible people finally left the convention floor in disgust, the “Ron Paul Losers” couldn’t even muster a quorum to keep things going. So it’s clear that all these losers can do is disrupt. What these losers need to realize is that their plight is hopeless and that strength comes from working together rather than trying to fragment the party. It’s the American way. But, since this is America, these losers are free to keep acting like fools!


Carson City

A tip on getting more for your gas money

In the Nevada Appeal in the Business section, dated 04/25/08, the headline read, “Glitch at pump adds to gas cost.” I wouldn’t rule out the fact that a pump may have a defective valve or is improperly adjusted, but there is a logical answer for some of the problems encountered.

When a person fills their tank if they lift the hose with the nozzle open it will drain the hose. For the next person to use the pump it will take more than 10 cents of gasoline before it exits the nozzle.

Gasoline has a high coefficient of expansion. BTU content in fuel is based on its weight and not the volume. Consequently, if the fuel is warm you get less weight in a gallon and when cold, more weight. The stabilized temperature of fuel in underground storage tanks probably varies from 45 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit depending upon latitude, elevation and the thermal characteristics of the surrounding soil.

As a rule of thumb, in order to obtain the coldest gas possible, in the winter fill up late in the afternoon, in summer fill up early in the morning, in fall and spring it doesn’t make much difference. When I gas up I always stuff my tank full so that I can check the mileage. I owned a new 1946 Mercury that after many checks averages about 17 miles per gallon. In December 1947, on a delayed honeymoon to California, we spent the night in Steamboat Springs, Colo. In the morning it was 19 degrees below zero. I filled my gas tank at a station that had above ground storage tanks. At the next fill up I checked mileage and, to my amazement, found that we had gotten 30 miles to those very cold gallons.

When state inspectors check station pumps they are supposed to be checking for accuracy and not efficiency as mentioned in the article. They are also supposed to check fuel temperature so that they can get a more accurate reading and make sure the station is not heating their storage tanks.


Carson City

Limbaugh isn’t calling for riots

Again in Sunday’s diatribe Caraway writes “Limbaugh is calling for race riots at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.” This is not true. If Kirk would ease up on listening to Air America and their left leanings he would know that Limbaugh said that he would not doubt that there could be trouble for the Dems if the candidates were not picked beforehand and the “Super Delegates” pulled a vote for Hillary and deny Barak the nomination.

The Rev. Sharpton is the main man who said there would be trouble if Barak is denied. There is already a group in Denver trying to instigate what they call “Demonstrate like ’68” meaning disruptions like 1968 in Chicago.