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Letters to the editor

Wants her turn in the mansion

I would like to plan a trip to your lovely city in the near future, and wonder about the correct protocol involved in renting the Governor’s Mansion for the duration of my stay. My brother and his family are residents of Carson City, and at Halloween were photographed with the governor and his wife on the porch of the Mansion. I believe this gives me a right to live at the Mansion, even if only for a short time. Thank you for your kind consideration of this matter.


Helena, Mont.

Bring on the buses

I appreciated both Linda Adams’ letter to the editor and Karen Woodmansee’s article about the possibility of an extension of the Carson transit system to Storey and Lyon counties. It seems so possible and is so needed. I hope the Lyon County Commissioners will put their will behind the idea. In these times of high gas prices, it is so needed for those who can’t afford to go to drive their cars as needed. It is an idea whose time has come.



Many helped make airport event a success

Thank you Carson Airport, neighbors, patrons, guests, and volunteers.

At 6 a.m. Saturday, there were already all the signs of another perfect day for the Carson City Airport Open House. Vendors and Crafters were setting up their stations, and it wasn’t long before the smell of pancakes and sausage cooked by the EAA 403 group permeated the air, soon followed by mouth-watering BBQ.

Everyone present fell silent when they looked out to taxi-way Alpha. She was incredible. She was large and captured the halt of the hustle and bustle. She rolled slowly in to her place of honor, front center stage and you could clearly read her name TOOTSIE. I realized right then this was going to be a great day.

The day had by far the biggest turn out yet for the event. At 10 a.m., the skydivers filled the blue sky with amazing colors followed by our beautiful flag, and we were off.

Among the featured participants were the American Warbirds and our very own Buehn Racing Team, which also offered rides in a T-6. All the bi-planes and stagger wings (antique to modern) came in unselfishly for display by their owners. The EAA signed up many rides for our young Eagles program where kids experience flight for free.

The trimming on the day was race car # 11 and legends # 25 … that of our very own local hero and inspiration Mackena Bell. Her team took the time to drop off the cars while she attended her high school graduation ceremonies. At noon, the car rolled off to the races, where Mackena would later meet up with her team and race that night in Roseville, Calif.

For all who participated in the organizing, phone calls, and the countless meetings leading up to the event, thank you. For all the volunteers who worked the event in various duties, thank you. Special thanks to the FAA for approving our jump for the event and the great pointers I received from Mr. Walberg (FAA Safety Inspector).

Most of all thank you Carson City, and neighbors, for allowing us to open the airport to all for a day of fun, and see the history that is tucked away here. And thank you to the vendors and crafters. And a big thank you to the scouts for parking the cars. See you next year.


Airport Open House chairman

Clarifying position on transportation fees

In reference to the June 10 article by Geoff Dornan on the Assembly Candidates at the Carson City Chamber of Commerce Forum, I have worked with my husband, Garth Dull, and we discussed many issues in funding transportation. Weight distance fees are very controversial but interesting. Yet, if they were implemented, they would fund transportation as other user fees are now doing. When answering a funding question at the forum, I was looking for ways to raise funds in general and I didn’t make myself clear that weight distance fees would only be used for transportation. I’m sorry for the confusion.


Carson City