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Letters to the Editor April 11

A sign of our tax dollars (very poorly) at work

Regarding the highway reader board signs between Carson and Minden on Highway 395, have you noticed them? They’ve been up for some time, but nothing has been on them, and since I travel that way every day, I suspected I would get some type of road/traffic info on the boards.

Today we have a high-wind advisory, gusting 25 to 35 mph. Wouldn’t you think they should say, “High Winds, Please Drive Carefully?” But no, this is what they said tonight on the way home “2010 Census, make Nevada Count.”

Maybe “please drive carefully” didn’t fit. Once again, you can see our tax dollars at work.

Elaine Gengler

Carson City

High-speed train waste of taxpayer money

Where is our money going now, for a high-speed train from Las Vegas to Los Angeles? For what? To improve Southern California and Las Vegas, probably going through Searchlight?

Why not help cities that are hurting, the state of Nevada and education? There are too many pork projects that were forced down our throats and we had no input into them. Our elected officials went on their own because we are borderline illiterates and cannot vote or reason what is right for ourselves and our communities.

The education system in Nevada is bottom line, and education supervisors know this, but their hands are tied by politics. Our streets are falling apart due to lack of funds. Nine billion dollars could do more for the entire state, not the select few who will benefit from this idiot spending.

Let us remember that November elections are close, and rid ourselves of rotten politicians. Give us the right to vote and give input for what is right, not for what the select few want.

Give our children and grandchildren the best education we can, so that we can rest and not have to see them in jobs with no future. There are high schools back east that are trade schools that give a fine education and a start into a career. Why not here? Two billion dollars of the Reid train would be a fine start.

John Choat


Politicians addicted to other people’s money

Health care reform is the ultimate tragedy of OPM abuse. Other peoples’ money is the gateway drug to political corruption, more addictive than opium or alcohol. Left-wing politicians use OPM cost-free to indulge their destructive, egotistical ideologies, buy votes and reward their campaign contributors.

Why should OPM abusers say no to their lobbyist cronies and fellow OPM junkies when they can dip into an anonymous crowd of taxpaying vassals for more free money? The best thing voters can do to avoid being victimized by OPM addicts is to elect politicians who have never been addicted in the first place. The best place to start is close to home.

Nevada District 39 Assemblyman Republican James Settelmeyer is running for the Nevada State Senate Capital District this year. If you are a person of any political persuasion who thinks that the money you earn and save belongs to you, here is Settelmeyer’s philosophy: “The best government is like a good insurance policy. It’s there for you in bad times and in the good times you don’t know it exists.”

Mr. Settelmeyer has earned a promotion to the state’s upper house, where he can exercise a little more clout and help exorcise those OPM abusers.

Lynn Muzzy


If you love America, vote the bums out

Why can’t the current Democratic administration accept the responsibility of the dire economical situation we find ourselves in at the present time? They blame the Bush administration for the real estate situation, while one of their own, Barney Frank, was in charge of financing exceptionally bad-risk mortgage loans.

They also blame Republicans for the high deficits that were run up in their administration, yet are financing much greater ones in their administration. Hopefully the Supreme Court will deem their latest health care program unconstitutional since it forces the citizens to pay for something they do not want, or in some cases, need.

My main complaint, however, is with the bribes and the corrupt manner in which the country is being governed. How much longer do we have to put up with it? Please, if you love America and the way things used to be run, throw the present bums out this November. After all, if they don’t think that they should be included in the current health care laws, why should we be?

In closing, I would just like to add that if we wish God to bless us, like he has in the past, we better start following his commandment, “Thou shalt not kill.” With all of the abortions that have been performed in the past and will be in the future, they surely will not go unpunished.

Neil Powers

Carson City

Obamacare steps on free enterprise principles

Mr. McGuire, in his letter of April 1, has taken exception to the “Obamacare” cartoon claiming misinformation.

In his comments, he states, “Fewer doctors? I would think that they would be delighted that the insurance companies can no longer come between them and their patients.”

I doubt that after spending seven or more years on education and training for an occupation, that he, Mr. McGuire, would appreciate the government now telling him what his annual earnings would be, how many customers he could have and how he would have to treat them. How would he really feel about going to a member of any occupation under such conditions?

Many of us are not opposed to health care reform. I, like others, are opposed to the current package, due to many questionable provisions within it.

I believe any health care program should be based on the same free enterprise principles that have led to this nation being the greatest in the history of mankind.

Sanford E. Deyo