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Letters to the Editor April 22

Livermore had it right on redevelopment

Pete Livermore is right. Why should that tiny section of town receive so much money when there are so many places north, south and east that could use the help as well? Couldn’t events be spread around town more?

As for the events, not many of the vendors or entertainment acts are actually local, and that’s just sad when we have so much right here. Shouldn’t it be about helping out our locals first and foremost?

There are hundreds of farmers and vendors just within a 50-mile radius from Carson who would love to be part of these local events without having to travel so many miles to sell their goods.

There also are plenty of really good local entertainers, a lot of whom would perform for free just to be able to add that event to their resume. We don’t have to pay lots to have good entertainment.

I believe too many of our city’s officials are in the pockets of certain businesses and would prefer to cater only to them.

Evidently, for this year, what’s done is done, but city officials, please consider these things for the future as the people of this city put you in your jobs. Share all over the city and support all your local people.

Thanks, Pete, for trying.

Tracy Rupert

Carson City

Help needed to keep charter school running

As a mother of a teenage boy who is more interested in girls and music than grades and test scores, I was not that surprised when my son started failing his classes.

I’m not the type of mom who just sits back and does nothing. We have tried Carson High School, without success. We’ve tried Silver State High School, again without success. I’ve talked to teachers until I’m blue in the face, again without success. It turns out that if your child is quiet and well-behaved, the teachers don’t notice him. And so he fails in silence.

So, I was not all that surprised when another charter school was suggested to me by another mom trying to help. Sierra Crest Academy. Why not give it a try? And really, what could go wrong? The worst thing he could do is fail, again.

But to my amazement, he succeeds. The worst grade on his report card was a C, and it was only one C. Wow. He actually enjoys school. This school is the answer to my prayers. I want to scream it from the rooftops. This school actually works. My son will really graduate.

But then the bad news. Sierra Crest Academy is not in compliance with the original charter. Douglas County School Board has chosen to revoke the charter. The school will close after this school year. If anyone has any advice on how to keep this school open, you will forever be my hero. Please help.

Sheila Barth

Carson City

Will out-of-state drivers pay mileage tax?

Recently, I have heard about a new proposal to generate revenue by charging drivers for miles traveled. As with any government program, I’m sure that all the bugs/problems have been resolved.

However, I do have a question. In my case, annual mileage on Nevada roads represents less than 25 percent of my total driven miles.

So, will they use a similar program that interstate commercial trucks use? Trucking companies pay road taxes for miles driven in each state.

Joseph Renner