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Letters to the editor April 9

Together, we can solve gang problem

Carson City is slowly being overcome by gangs. Some have yet to realize the problem, and others just pretend it’s not there. Well, it’s time to open your eyes.

The gang problems have come about due to high fluctuations in the city’s population because of immigration. This leads to language barriers between the children of the community. Those children are often outcast and not welcome in school. These outcast children and teens often seek acceptance, which ultimately results in the child forming or joining a gang.

It is often thought that gangs are just groups of friends that are no harm to the community. This is proven to be untrue given the crimes that have occurred over the past few years. From shootings to murders, gang crimes have been on the rise in our community.

There are several options that can be taken to prevent this from continuing. Parents, be involved in your children’s lives. Pay attention to what they are doing, who they are involved with and encourage them to get involved in supervised after-school activities. The community needs to realize the importance of activities in town for children. As of now, there is hardly anything a child can do to keep them from getting into trouble. Also, the police and community as a whole need to crack down on this problem, with lack of help from both sides, there will be no effect.

Act now Carson City, or see the consequences.

Tiffany O’Day

Carson City