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Letters to the Editor: bin Laden the boogey man is product of hype

An end of an era comes to a close – ding dong Osama’s dead. The media Munchkins chant their lying treasonous propaganda about the daring-do of the Navy Seals as they storm and kill the most evil man in the universe.

Osama bin Laden was a CIA asset who went under the name of Tim Osman who set up what is now called Al Qaida to battle the Russians in Afghanistan. His last known contact with the CIA was when he went for treatment of his terminal kidney condition from July 4-15, 2001, at the American Hospital in Dubai as reported in Le Figaro. Because the CIA contact was indiscreet about the meeting, he was recalled.

Osama said in a speech that was broadcast by Al Jazeera that he had nothing to do with the attack on the WTC on 9/11. The FBI admits on their profile of Osama that they have no evidence that Osama had anything to do with the attack. They do say that he is left-handed which makes the phony picture of Osama watching TV with the remote control in his right hand one more disgusting display of the media lying.

Osama died of natural causes, kidney failure and complications of Marfans Syndrome in December of 2001. The media has kept him alive as their bogey man with phony video and audio tapes that are easily seen as faked by anyone who takes the time to critically look at them.

Alan Edwards

Carson City