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Letters to the editor Dec. 28

Checks and balances of two-party system works

Everyone seems to be raving about the president’s sudden desire to compromise with the Republicans, but it is something that he should have been doing anyway. The problem over the past two years has been that the Democrats have had control over all three branches, so compromise to them appeared to be unnecessary – likewise for past Republican control. Thus, the problem does not stem from a particular party, but is a result of the power that a single party gains with complete control.

When one party controls all three branches, they often lose sight of why they are really there, it becomes a two-year race to push through bills that support only their party’s cause. They seem to forget that they did not get elected through a unanimous decision, but rather through a majority, so all of the people that they were elected to represent do not necessarily support their ideas.

It’s amazing that even when history repeats itself, the lessons that should have been learned from previous mistakes go unnoticed and it takes a drastic message from the country for politicians to remember the checks and balances that are the foundation of a dual party system. They have to try to reach across the aisle and compromise with the other party, or else nothing gets done. Hopefully, in the next two years, the party diversity in the federal government will finally allow for the representatives to do just that, represent.

Mark Lacey

Carson City

Don’t put gender test on judge selection

I’m curious about Supervisor John McKenna’s statement, “I don’t think we’ve ever had a woman justice of the peace, and in dealing with family matters, she could bring our community to where it needs to be,” in the Appeal article “No special election to fill justice of peace’s term.”

Do women have a unique understanding of family law that I’m not aware of? Perhaps a special gland or organ that enables them to be a better justice of the peace than a male judge?

Where is Carson City now with regards to our court system, where does it need to be, and what special qualities can only a woman judge offer to convey us all to this special, magical place?

I think it would be better to entertain the resumes of all qualified persons, regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status or handicap. The only thing we should care about is getting a replacement for Judge Willis who is knowledgeable, honest and fair.

Robert Frenchu

Carson City

Take steps to slow creeping climate change

I like to watch the evening news for tomorrow’s weather. I used to say, “I like to see what the weatherman says it is going to be, not that we can change it or do anything about it.”

After hearing some people talking about climate change, and that we are destroying this world with fossil fuels, my first thoughts were the old adage, “The sky is falling,” but after listening to Thom Hartman news on Free Speech TV, I see some reason to re-evaluate the subject, especially when I get today’s world weather reports. I’m far from an authority on anything, but the old saying, “If it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it must be a duck,” always made sense to me.

When I learned from climate change people that a few degrees change in our ocean temperatures could make drastic changes in our weather, I put this in the old storage area up there for later evaluation.

I don’t know what you will do, but Hartman says, “Get active. You are it.” There are many things we can do to help our environment, and each of us has a mind to come up with what we are willing to do, like recycling, planning trips to save time and money, turning down the heat in the house and wearing a sweater, driving slower and saving gas.

I can’t move to the moon yet, and I’d like to finish my years right here. How about you?

Samuel Dupuis


Stop the madness against America’s wild horses

Can’t our politicians and political parties make a moral commitment to stop this madness against America’s wild horses and burros and begin immediately to rejuvenate the spirit of Velma B. Johnston (Wild Horse Annie), a true American hero, and her long, unrelenting crusade and journey that ended in the passage of the 1971 Federal Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act?

Sadly and unjustifiably since 1971, Annie’s law has been methodically undermined by special interests, public lands, the livestock industry and governmental agencies which were trusted by the public to protect them (horses and burros).

As author of “Mustang,” Deanne Stillman said, “Why are we destroying the horses we rode in on?” Are we not a proud people of a civilized compassionate country? Or has this belief been shattered and taken from us?

Now there is a planned Las Vegas “Horse Slaughter Summit” sponsored by those, including Wyoming rancher and state representative Sue Wallis, who have financial interests in re-establishing this appalling industry in our country.

Among the speakers are BLM Director Robert Abbey, Dr. Boyd Spratling, DVM, and Larry Johnson, a bighorn sheep promoter and a former politically appointed BLM Advisory Board member. All are documented anti-wild horse fanatics and promoters of horse slaughter. Aren’t we a better people than this?

I am a retired pediatrician and longtime wild horse-burro advocate/rescuer.

Betty Kelly

Carson City