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Letters to the editor Dec. 29

Garage band destroying his peace and quiet

Once again, I sit down to enjoy my unwinding after a long work day.

The work hours are over, dinner is ready, and I am all snuggled up in my blanket trying to keep warm on this cold Nevada night.

But to my discomfort what do I hear blaring from my neighbor’s? It’s a garage band having their nightly jam session.

After weeks of listening to this nightly montage of electric guitars and drums being played to a sound of, shall I dare describe it as a cow being butchered?

I decide to call the sheriff’s department to see if they could kindly have an officer go by and see if they could ask them to turn this noise down.

As I spoke with the friendly dispatch person, she, to my surprise, informed me that all they can do is ask them again.

Apparently they have been there before for the same noise issues, and if they elect not to turn the music down, there is really nothing they can do unless I care to sign a complaint.

Astonished, I replied, “so you’re telling me that unless I sign a complaint and then appear in court to follow up on this complaint while facing my neighbor and taking a chance of retaliations, they can play as loud and as long as they wish?”

“Yes,” she replied, because there is no noise ordinance in Carson City.

There goes the quiet, peaceful Carson I learned to love.

Dave Marlow

Carson City

Reader didn’t find Palin cartoon at all funny

Your editorial cartoon about Sarah Palin and the dead reindeer was absolutely disgusting. Shame on you, Nevada Appeal. Your demented sense of humor is exceeded only by your feeble-minded ignorance.

Jim Shelly


Obituary brings back fond memories of Nevada

I am writing in regards to the obituary for Dale Dory of Carson City.

I grew up in Babbitt and Hawthorne, and attended high school there with Dale Dory. It saddens me to hear of his passing as we have lost so many of our childhood friends.

Some of the best memories of my life are centered around Nevada and especially Hawthorne. I learned to hunt and fish and got involved in sports and the outdoors which has been a part of my life ever since. I will always have memories of my time spent there and the life-long friends from my youth.

May he rest in peace, and best wishes to his family.

Donald Lucius

Durango, Colo.