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Letters to the editor Dec. 9

Rising sewer rates drive down local economy

Douglas County sewer customers can look forward to escalated sewer bills in 2015, on top of last October’s 29.2 percent increase. The commissioners unanimously approved a devastating plan on Dec. 2 to raise sewer rates 74.7 percent to $89.15 a month.

The figures in Public Works Director Carl Ruschmeyer’s proposal includes annual 4.5 percent across-the-board employee wage cost of living increases. Other items were simply assessed an assumed annual

3 percent inflation.

Sucking over $790,000 from the Douglas County residents’ wallets means the citizens will have that much less to spend for entertainment, clothes, restaurants, food and all other purchases thereby exasperating the already fragile economy. More businesses will lay off employees or simply close, more bankruptcies, more foreclosures and home value losses which will equate to less county revenue.

The reallocated water rate increases are already sucking $1 million per year from the citizens’ wallets.

If the commissioners are truly interested in promoting Douglas County’s economic development, they will cease and desist and reverse these astronomical utility cost increases.

They have to stand up and say no to the continual staff wage/merit increases. Just because employees do their job well does not mean they are due a merit increase.

Any employer who is looking to locate in Douglas County will see these numbers and look the other way.

Stuart L. Posselt


Thanks to those who help Cupcake Brigade

I would like to thank all the wonderful volunteers from the Cupcake Brigade who bake cupcakes for children in need at our elementary schools. You are always there and eager to help.

Since the article in the paper, there has been such an outpouring of love. Thank you all, new and past volunteers, for your generosity, love and your precious time that you all give of yourselves. May the Lord bless each and every one of you.

Deb Tull

Carson City

Health care reform applies to all, even senators

To answer Marilyn Sturges’ and Barbara Griffiths’ question, the health care reform bill does apply to all members of Congress. They are not excluded from any provisions of the bill. Maybe that’s why they haven’t received an answer from Sen. Reid on why he’s excluded – because he isn’t.

Elayn Briggs

Carson City