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Letters to the Editor Feb. 12

Don’t rush into tax-hiking downtown project

I strongly agree with Jim Smolenski’s article of Feb. 4. The powers that be should move slowly on the Nugget downtown project. I see no reason why we, as taxpayers, should have to incur any tax increase to help this project along.

I also felt the same way about the V&T Railway project when we were subjected to a 1⁄8 percent sales tax increase without an option to vote on it.

Andy Van Sickle

Carson City

Illegal immigrants should not get funds

Illegal aliens should not receive state benefits. As a state employee, I have been taking monthly furlough days without pay since July 2009 to help my state survive this financial crisis.

Like other Nevadans, I continue to cut my spending to absorb this loss of personal income. Like many citizens, I am a single parent and every dollar counts.

I continue to read in the Nevada Appeal that my state has an approximate $900 million shortfall, that state services may be cut, employees face layoffs, facilities may close and that remaining state workers may be hit again with another reduction in pay.

Before we cut another dollar, I hope that the Legislature will look first to end the funding for illegal aliens. Once this drain on the economy is stopped, then look to cut state spending.

It is no secret that many illegal aliens continue to receive Section 8 housing. Many of their children require bilingual teachers and books and receive free or low-cost lunches in schools. They also qualify for relief from high energy bills. Nevada taxpayers pay for printed material in other than the English language.

Regardless of their home country, people who have crossed our border illegally place an unnecessary drain on our state economy. They take the same benefits, services and jobs, while American citizens continue to struggle in economic hard times.

Michael Mangiaracina


Livermore got it right: Vote on Nugget project

I would like to commend Supervisor Pete Livermore for his recent commentary on the Carson Nugget project. I think it is time for budget restraint, especially considering the current economic conditions. I think an advisory ballot question is an excellent idea that would give both sides of this issue a voice. Let the voters decide.

Doug Campbell

Carson City

Residents can’t afford sewer, water fee hikes

I just read in today’s Nevada Appeal about the upcoming 15 percent increases for sewer and 25 percent increases in water rates after July 1 for new projects. I cannot believe this. Carson City’s mayor, supervisors and water directors still do not get it.

Nevada and all its people are broke or going broke. Just look at the state and city budget plans. The cities and state both have to cut deep into services to balance the budget. We as citizens who pay these taxes and fees are cutting back immensely into our family budgets also. We are stretched to our limits now and just cannot suffer through any higher fees or services.

You cannot squeeze any more out of this turnip because we have cut all we can and already our quality of life is suffering. My wife and I, who are trying to live off two small PERS retirements, have basically reached our limits. We even had to change our eating patterns and now are eating sandwiches 2-3 times a week for dinner because we cannot afford a decent meal as before.

I am a retired water works foreman from Simi Valley, Calif. I urge you to heed this citizen’s request to stop all future projects and upgrade spending until this downturn in our economy returns and we can once again live like the middle class we are slowly dropping out of.

Ronald Feldstein

Carson City