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Letters to the editor: Feb. 21

Why shouldn’t Nevada have state lottery?

I recall the lottery being mentioned awhile back. It was an idea that, for some reason, wasn’t well-accepted, but I don’t recall all of the reasons. I think this might be a good time to look at the possibility again. I’m sure it would bring in a lot of money, which is what we need.

My husband and I don’t gamble but I know we would buy lottery tickets at the grocery store just like we did in California.

I don’t think it would hurt the gaming industry because folks who love to gamble and can afford it would most likely do both.

We would probably buy more tickets than we did in California knowing that the possibility of winning is twofold.

Has anyone ever been curious about how much money is spent by people going over the California border and buying the tickets there? That money could be going to our state.

My husband and I have chosen Nevada for our home. We could live many other places because we are retired, but we have lived here 20 years, and I would sure love to see this state do well and be a winner in the economic sense.

Is there someone out there that could educate us on the pros and cons of the concept of the lottery?

Judie Hartwick

Carson City

Why can’t Ormsby owners get it done?

The embarrassment of Carson City still stands unfinished. That is the new and improved Ormsby House Hotel and Casino. The owners simply aren’t willing to finish what they started. Last mention in the Appeal about a grand opening or just an opening date has come and gone.

However, the expansion of Casino Fandango and building of the theater from the ground up has been completed, and ahead of schedule, I believe. Now that’s a concept the owners of the Ormsby House need to explore – the ahead-of-schedule concept. But they won’t. Why? Don’t know.

A new casino and hotel complex is to be built on Highway 50 just a little east of the Gold Dust West. Any bets it will be completed before the Ormsby folly is?

Phillip Beebe

Carson City

Politicians, give up your perks for the people

To elected politicians: Mayor, Senate, Congress, etc., we the people of Nevada would like to know what percent of your salary, perks, etc., you have given the state of Nevada to balance the budget –

10 percent, 12 percent? Give up all perks and pay out of pocket – food, gas, lodging.

We know education, health, fire and police and a lot of state workers have given 12 percent or more. Oh, except the state workers who are exempt from cuts in pay or furlough days.

Government, is this fair?

Now our governor is having a special session, more of our tax dollars wasted. Oh well, Adele’s and Glen Eagles and other fine dining will get a boost.

What Taco Bell, Burger King, pizza place will you be eating at?

Jim and Jo McCain

Carson City

Don’t ask a lawyer about free enterprise

A recent Appeal opinion writer, a lawyer, amusingly attempted to establish that high taxation has no effect on business prosperity. The last people to understand what creates free enterprise prosperity would be members of the legal profession. Selling in a competitive environment and finding the lowest cost is not part of their skill set.

The article in question describes Nevada spending on state services as one of the lowest in the nation. That’s correct, it’s 46th per capita, but like any lawyer, it very conveniently omits that Nevada spending, including local government services, is a respectable 25th.

Similarly, Nevada state taxation per capita is 32nd in the nation, but state and local together is 23rd.

Typical of the Board of Regents, the author takes no responsibility for the abysmal dropout rates at UNR and UNLV. Nor does he acknowledge that poor administration might be responsible for Nevada’s appalling high school graduation rate and failures to meet national standards. Just throw more money at it and Nevada technical and industrial expertise will rise to the top.

Gov. Gibbons deserves our thanks for the initiative and political courage to tackle the Nevada disconnect between cost of education at all levels, and the dismal outcome.

Jack Van Dien


Republicans, bow out and narrow Senate race

How many Republicans does it take to unseat Harry Reid? Just one. I can appreciate all of these Republicans running out and going after him, but the field is getting crowded.

It would seem to me the state Republican Party needs to sit down and get its differences worked out and support two of the candidates and let the state select the one in June who will go against Harry.

If it cannot show unity, Harry will be back in for another six years, pushing the failing policies of Obama and breaking the backbone of the country.

Whoever the person will be to face Harry, you will have to get down and wallow in the mud with the pigs. That will be the type of campaign Harry and the Democratic National Committee will run in this state. They will be in a big fight to keep Harry, the majority leader of the Senate, and not be embarrassed like they were when Daschle had the job and was bounced out.

My opinion, Republicans, get together and pick two, and the rest of you drop out and support the June winner. That will be the unity that will beat Harry and the unity the party needs.

Bill Pyatt