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Letters to the Editor Feb. 5

Criticism was directed at Paslov, and no one else

Anne Macquarie apparently did not read the article my comments were directed at. I believe she would understand why I was upset and wrote my comments if she would have read Dr. Paslov’s Jan. 2 commentary.

Please note that my comments were directed to his article and and not the moderate political leaders and their “sick and biased” followers as she stated.

I do not want to start a he said/she said with Ms. Macquarie, but please get your facts straight.

Glenn Bush

Carson City

Three cheers for Carson girls basketball team

I just want to say that the Carson girls varsity basketball team is hard-working. They play hard and they do their best. I like watching them very much, and I support them with my whole heart.

Just keep up the hard work you do, ladies. You are the best.

Kevin Marcella

Carson City

Teens showed ingenuity at Carson River Film Festival

Carson teens and the Carson River go together. I was very impressed by the great imaginations and technical skills that were shown last Thursday at the free Carson River Film Festival.

This event involved local teens creating videos about the Carson River Watershed and how we should encourage the public to keep the riparian areas clean and intact.

The Keep Streamsides Greener, Keep Water Cleaner Contest was sponsored by The Carson River Coalition, the Nevada Department of Environmental Protection, the University of Nevada Cooperation Extension and a variety of teachers and other hard-working individuals.

Congratulations to all those involved for working together and tackling a subject that needs more awareness. I’m proud to live in a community where teens show an interest in the environment around them.

If you missed this year’s show, stay tuned, I understand the Carson River Film Festival will be back next year.

Judy Larquier

Carson City

Where are the meetings about illegal immigrants?

Those pesky bears – raiding garbage cans. In the name of public safety, our government officials have meetings to address this crisis. Must keep our citizens safe.

Fact – not one Nevada citizen has been murdered by a bear. Illegal immigrants murder, rob, form gangs, deal drugs and perform other acts of violence against legal citizens. Our law enforcement agencies, justice system and penal institutions deal with illegal immigrants. And yet, our system helps house, feed, school and renders medical assistance to illegals.

Where are the meetings addressing these issues, costing Nevada taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars every year? Maybe a lawsuit for misuse of legal citizens’ funds is in order. 

Will our public safety and government officials have meetings about these issues? Probably not. It’s so much easier to euthanize bears. Thanks. I feel so much safer.

Michael Conroy

Carson City

Right wing vitriol does nothing to solve problems

Chuck Muth’s vitriolic dissection of the president’s speech prompted me to write this letter.

I classify you, Mr. Muth, along with the Limbaughs, Hannitys, O’Reillys and Michael Reagan who pander to the extreme right wingers who taint the opinion page of this newspaper with their depressing rhetoric.

Reading the Muth, Reagan and O’Reilly articles, watching Fox News, and listening to the radio pundits, I wonder where they were when Enron and Wall Street started to tank, putting millions of people out of work and thousands in home foreclosure. Wasn’t it in a Republican administration?

And wasn’t it President Bush’s decision to provide a stimulus package to keep the major banks from failing?

The recession has become a personal matter with me. My son lost his job and the family health insurance in August 2009. He sent his resume to all the local firms hoping for work, to no avail. He finally resorted to attending a truckers’ school and is now driving a truck in the Midwest and East Coast. He has not seen his family in four months. In the meantime, his son and wife and I are fighting to keep the household together.

I am probably painting a picture of a bleeding heart liberal. I am an 87-year-old WWll veteran and a registered Republican – a conservative at heart who is completely fed up with partisan politics and will change my political affiliation to Independent in 2010.

Don’t we deserve a government that works?

Bob Williams