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Letters to the Editor for August 17, 2019

Who is the problem here?

In Kathy Walters’ “Being grateful for President Trump” (Appeal Aug. 14), the columnist presumes to lecture us masses about the horrible President Trump from the great heights of her self-assumed left wing cultural superiority. But Walters is mostly known for her deep-dive navel-gazing columns that delve into self-psychoanalysis. I can’t think of anyone more profoundly unqualified to lecture anyone about anything.

Converts to the false religion that worships hypocrites like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and the interchangeable presidential candidates would replace the free market with Soviet-style minders to dictate how we all live. They never once ask how so many these socialists acquired such fine homes and great wealth. Now that’s faith.

This, of course, inspires the seminar letter writers who simply assert that our president is an awful person. They never mention that the Trump economy has given the 99 percent record unemployment and raises — 4.5 percent in 2017 and 5 percent in 2018. Also never mentioned are their fellow travelers, the gentry liberal big city mayors who, as the Wall Street Journal points out, drove up housing prices for the poor and middle class. They walk past the sidewalks, covered with feces and needles they’ve allowed, like 18th century Parisian aristocrats holding perfumed handkerchiefs to their noses.

Yeah, it’s Trump that’s the problem.

Lynn Muzzy