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Letters to the Editor for August 24, 2019

Carson High student encouraged to nurture musical talent

Aug. 20, my wife and I were pleasantly surprised by a gifted sax player, Jake Xie.

Now, all the Mile High Jazz Band musicians are talented. Jake is the only band member who is a freshman at Carson High School!

Jake, my best compliment is you remind me of Paul Desmond who played sax with the Dave Brubeck Quartet. I look forward to watching your talent develop.

Ken Beaton

Carson City

Providing proper care for parents is important

This letter is because of my own personal account of not wanting any parent or grandparent exploited any longer.

I left Carson City in 2007 not knowing if I’d ever get to see Daddy again. And the behavior, thrown out bills, disrepair of Daddy’s home and Dad being sequestered as my neighbor told me (Dad always alone) is why I am writing this letter to you all now 12 years later.

Hope and help is on the way. I genuinely warn people, “Please.” The terrible things she would say to him (younger sister), the “Get dressed, we’re going out,” only to go to a loan place (Dad signing for the loan) then to the casino.

I always read my Bible and one time in 1 Timothy, the word says put your religion into practice by caring for your parents and grandparents as this pleases God is when my life changed. I called Daddy and he loved for me to come see him. (Yes, homeless for seven years, traveling, afraid, feeling unwanted by family, but not by Daddy.)

Little sister was expected to move out and I was given the privilege, honor and responsibility to care for Dad.

Please speak up; protect our parents and grandparents so they are cared for.

To joyfully and gladly serve the Lord your God and to care for Daddy was my genuine goal, not to get anything.

For our relationship mended. My prayer, parents/grandparents cared for in their homes if possible.

Love in Yeshua,

Patty Gordon

Carson City

Writer’s travel column engaging for broad audiences

Thanks for Rich Moreno’s Nevada Traveler article on Marta Becket and the Amargosa Opera House in Death Valley. Visiting there and attending performances was a unique treasured experience for all the audiences.

Victoria J. Roberts