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Letters to the Editor for August 31, 2019

Distractions to blame for leaving children, dogs locked in hot cars

Occasionally, I am sickened after turning on the TV only to find yet another inadvertent death of a child or animal because of their guardian locking them inside a hot car, in a store parking lot or place of work.

When this happens, I, like so many other people, find myself asking that “what” question: What causes or distracts a person enough that they’ll completely forget about their passengers? What two habits can one person possibly have that would possibly cause them to forget about the ones they love?

An age-old adage claims one doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure this out. It’s the cell phone, both calling and texting — some can’t seem to get enough of either one. But let us not stop here.

There’s the occasional, overly talkative friend one might chance to meet. Then, the conversation really begins and the remembering stops. For some unknown reason, both can’t seem to shut up. Meanwhile, locked inside the car, temperatures rise and little brains begin boiling — their cries of misery and thirst for water aren’t noticed inside the store. No, sir. That’s because someone is too busy talking, texting or blabbing their mouth off to someone else.

If I seem too blunt, you can always stop reading. I’m just a little upset. This sort of behavior, this temporary, deadly amnesia, call it whatever you like, has to stop.

Every store, everywhere should put out signs reminding their customers to please check in their backseats upon exiting their vehicles for children or pets.

Don Paetz

Carson City

Health care is not free nor is it a right

I hear from many presidential candidates and commentators that free health care is a right, a human right. I don’t understand how anything can be a right if it must be provided from someone else’s labor. Health care workers, doctors, nurses, technicians, administrators, researchers and others must be willing to provide this service and be compensated for it. Their labor is not free. Government may choose to cover these costs by increasing or redirecting taxpayer dollars. The cost must be covered in some way. Health care is neither free nor a right.

Larry Messina

Carson City