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Letters to the Editor for December 12, 2020

Thank you for making Silver and Snowflakes virtually successful

Many thanks to the wonderful fifth grade teachers of Carson City School District, St. Teresa’s, and Bethlehem Lutheran for being such sports this year allowing their talented young students to be able to participate in the Silver and Snowflakes Virtual Festival of Lights on Dec. 4.

The teachers spent many hours teaching the children holiday tunes and videotaping them for our enjoyment. We also thank Carson’s NGBN TV for airing the broadcast and bringing the virtual festival of our homes.

Very special thanks go to Christina Bourne, music teacher at Mark Twain Elementary, for her role in coordinating the teachers and spending hours assembling the various videos. An added treat this year was the performance of the Carson High Orchestra and the amazing Carson High Jazz Band. Thanks, also, to the Carson City Redevelopment Authority for funding the event.

But, most of all, we thank our fifth graders for being such sports. We know singing on the steps of the Capitol is a right of passage and highlight of the holiday season for them and their families. The Chamber is proud to be able to produce the event.

Ronni Hannaman

Executive Director

Carson City Chamber of Commerce

Postal workers going above and beyond

It is appropriate to thank those postal employees who are working extra long hours to accommodate the massive online shopping by the public this year when concerns about the pandemic have kept so many people out of the stores where they usually shop in person. They need to know that their efforts are not taken for granted.

D. Hilderbrand

Carson City

Restoring the faith

Assemblyman Tom Roberts says, “Regardless of what side of the aisle you’re on we need to come together and think of ways to improve faith in the system.” (Nevada Appeal, Nov. 28).

By getting rid of Trump, the lying champion of election fraud claims, we have improved faith in the system.

Robert Simpson


Support the Reno Air Races

The Reno Area 99s (an organization of women pilots) would like to encourage community support for the Reno Air Race Association (RARA), which had to cancel this year’s event due to COVID-19 restrictions. Each year this event draws nearly 100,000 fans and generates tens of millions of dollars the Northern Nevada economy.

Recent aviation reports show that the industry is expected to require more than 260,000 new pilots over the next decade. Falling short on supplying this need could have significant travel and national security consequences. The Reno Air Races has made significant contributions to encouraging youth to enter the aviation field.

The Northern Nevada area has a rich tradition of holding many nationally and internationally known events which collectively infuse hundreds of millions of dollars into our economy. The loss of any of them will be economically significant; however, only RARA promotes filling aviation jobs and protecting national security.

We know budgets are strained everywhere; however, our and other 501(c)(3) organizations’ paid volunteer participation in the Air Races has enabled us to fund scholarships and other community involvement totaling several million additional dollars.

We would, therefore, humble request that those of you who are concerned about our area’s economy and the looming pilot shortage contribute whatever you can to help support the continuation of the Reno Air Race Association. Tax-deductible donations may be made to RARA at Airrace.org or by mail to 14501 Mt. Anderson St., Reno, Nev., 89506.

Linda Law

Carson City

A suggestion for Nevada in virus fight

Speaking as one who is afraid of a looming shutdown if our COVID-19 numbers keep rising, I would like to offer a suggestion. 

Have you heard of the Variance Protection Program (5-Star) being used in Mesa County, Colorado? Businesses in that county fill out applications to become a 5-Star business and must meet certain criteria to attain this status.

I don’t know all of the criteria, but I would assume masks must be worn at all times, a high level of sanitation must be maintained and so on. If a business is awarded the 5-Star status, they may remain open during a shutdown or even a partial shutdown. This system makes a lot of sense to me and rewards those who are paying attention and following the rules.

The 5-Star System would help avoid a blanket shutdown and ease some frustration from people like me. 

More information is available at the Mesa County Variance Protection Program at https://health.mesacounty.us/variance-protection-program/

It is true that other communities, counties or even cities have contacted Mesa County to get the plan and how it works. Such a program would require a lot of planning and some logistics but it might be worth a try here in Northern Nevada.

Cora Johnson


Sisolak is at fault

I was causally looking at the Nevada Appeal front page for Dec. 5 and laughed at the headline of a front page article by Geoff Dornan, “Sisolak says revenue projections sober reminder of coronavirus impact.”

Really? The truth is the revenue projections are indeed a sober reminder not of the coronavirus but of the governor’s shutdown order. Sisolak is 100% responsible for any lack of revenue. If I owned a business, I would be ignoring the governor’s mandate as he is an existential threat to ANY business surviving this thing.

David Adams


Dear Govs. Sisolak and Newsom

Why is California in complete lockdown, but residents can come to Northern Nevada, (and I am sure they are in Southern Nevada, too) and can go to our bars, restaurants, hot springs, and casinos? Our state can stop this by fining these California license plates and keep them home.

I am so confused how you can put economics over people’s lives. Our hospitals can’t afford to take in California tourists. If they get coronavirus or anything else while vacationing in our beautiful state, it is selfish for them to take up our hospital beds. This is reckless for both California and Nevada.

Sunni Enciso

Carson City

Re-open the library

I am a frequent user of the Carson City Library and don’t agree with its recent closing. Having to make a reservation and pick up books in the parking lot significantly dilutes the pleasure one experiences browsing and choosing books within the library walls. This process discriminates against frequent library users who don’t have online access to the library catalog.

Per Sisolak’s guidelines the library is allowed to be open with a maximum number of visitors at any one time. Why close it?

This closure denies residents one of the few remaining respites and sources of enjoyment during this difficult time. I’m hopeful the library director will reconsider and re-open the library. 

Monique Giron

Carson City

Why I support President Trump

This is my answer to the challenge to conservatives.

I support President Trump due to the fact that he does not bow or grovel to foreign countries that have trod on the USA for years. The following list is to show my reason for further supporting him.

We haven’t seen any North Korean missiles flying around recently.

The Trump tax cut was quite nice on April 15.

NATO members are finally starting to pay what they owe for membership fees and dues.

Combat troops are being brought home.

The Dow is bouncing around 30,000. Folks with 401(k)s should be quite happy with that.

The economy and employment were at record levels until COVID-19 came on the scene.

The help of the stimulus checks that were of great assistance to small businesses and the little guys in general.

The coronavirus is being dealt with at a fast pace due to vaccines soon to be distributed. Thank you President Trump for easing the rules and regulations to get these medicines available in record time.

The crumbling American military has been rebuilt due to Trump.

The Israelis and the Arabs are talking to each other now instead of blowing each other up, this due to the work of the Trump administration.

So now I guess I have answered the challenge to why I will always support Trump.

George Gerlach