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Letters to the editor for Friday, April 2, 2014

There are worst things than being criticized by Sen. Reid

Hearing old Harry call his very own constituents protesting at the Bundy ranch “domestic terrorists” infuriated me so that I searched the web to learn more about his inflammatory remark.

I learned that a study funded by DHS to the tune of 12 million dollars characterizes Americans who are “reverent of individual liberty” as extreme right wing terrorists. The “bulk purchase of food” is labeled a potential indication of terrorist activity. (Does Costco know they are aiding and abetting in terrorist activity?) People who display “bumper stickers” (except Obama), anyone who “owns gold,” and people who “fly a U.S. flag” as a potential terrorist. There are many more references in this report. Check it out.

I will continue to fly the U.S. flag, place my right hand over my heart when I pledge allegiance to the flag with one nation under God. If this classifies me as a potential terrorist, so be it.

Inga Silver

Carson City

Do some Nevadans really support return of slavery?

After comments by some Nevadans (Cliven Bundy, Jim Wheeler), I am beginning to wonder if there are some groups in Nevada that believe slavery should be reinstituted!

In a past article, Jim Wheeler (State Assembly District 39) indicated if his constituents wanted him to vote for slavery, he would. That is a break down in leadership.

I wonder if he actually thinks there might be some in his district that think about slavery the way he does. I wonder if his primary challenger, Robin Reedy, would care to respond to the question about slavery.

John Hartley