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Letters to the editor for Friday, April 6, 2018

Gary Schmidt a strong candidate for Senate District 16

Gary Schmidt, candidate for State Senator in SD16, was the guest speaker of the Carson City Men’s Club in Mallard’s Restaurant on the Empire Ranch Golf Course on Monday.

Gary spoke of his family history, education, and lifelong activities in the Republican Party. He explained the destructive consequences of the commerce tax and SJR14. This bill takes the cap off property tax hikes and opens the door to a new business income tax and other taxes. Gary reminded the audience that the incumbent state senator in SD16 has voted against sunsetting temporary taxes, and for the commerce tax just after the voters rejected it 80-20. The incumbent was also the only Republican member of the Legislature who voted for SJR14. Gary explained that with the 11-10 balance in the state Senate, we have to win SD16 or flip two other seats to defeat SJR14.

Gary talked about his longtime support of open meeting and open records laws; for returning control of education to local school districts and parents; the evolving impact of technology on schools and home schooling; and his unwavering support of the Second Amendment. He noted that the incumbent proposed to revoke a person’s Second Amendment rights upon the mere assertion of emotional problems, before any proof is offered or due process takes its course.

In closing, Gary pointed out that he is financing his own campaign; he is not beholden to lobbyists, donors or any special interests.

Peter Hennessey

Carson City