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Letters to the Editor for Friday, April 7, 2017

Assembly should reject AB 285

Assemblyman Al Kramer has sponsored AB 285 to split the proceeds of the sale of 100 acres of state-owned property giving half to the Stewart Indian School and the other half to NDOT.

Kramer and his Clear Creek neighbors want the NDOT money to go for Old Clear Creek Road improvement.

AB 285 amends AB 15 that was passed in 2015, which promised the proceeds of said sale would go only for the worthy cause of preservation and rehabilitation of the valued historical site of Stewart Indian School. Is this another slap in the face of our local Native Americans? Is this another promise to them that is not kept?

Beyond Costco, Old Clear Creek Road is used primarily for that exclusive neighborhood and not the general public. Many friends and I used to hike up Old Clear Creek to the summit but cannot do that anymore because it’s “private.” I do not believe that public money that has already been promised to a specific cause should be diverted to benefit a few people.

Once that property is sold to developers, they can repair the road and get their money back via the sale of the development lots. Using this method to get the road repaired would appease all concerned.

AB 285 should not be approved by the Assembly now or ever.

Jerri Biddle