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Letters to the editor for Friday, Dec. 13, 2013

Congress’ involvement will doom Obamacare

I find it interesting how the Democrats say that health care is a right, yet they want us to pay for it. If it is a right, then our tax dollars should pay for it all.

When I say something that offends someone, I do not pay for it. It is my right to say what I want. The founding forefathers debated this at length and decided it was not for the government to care for us, it is up to our families and church. Yes, the church. We are all supposed to have religion in our lives to give us a moral compass, just not a state-sponsored one.

The Republicans are right. Obamacare is doomed to fail, but only because Congress was involved. The idea behind it is sound — if everyone has insurance then the price should drop. Since our extremely crooked politicians were involved in it, it is doomed to fail. I mean all the politicians are crooked — both sides of the fence.

Rob Cobb

Carson City

Solar panels aren’t yet worth what they cost

F.I.S.H. now has solar panels. So we have another losing solar panel project. When will some engineers speak out and state there is no buy-back on solar systems? They are not cost effective yet. In the F.I.S.H. article, they state F.I.S.H. will save $125,000 over 25 years. That amounts to $417 per month. The material cost was $112,000 or $373 per month. Subtract that from the savings, and you get a savings of $43 per month. If installation costs were added, there would be a loss just like the Armory which is losing $50,000 per year.

All of these systems are losers and are costing the taxpayers money just like the 70,000 to 100,000 new Medicaid patients will cost the state in three years.

Patrick McIntyre