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Letters to the editor for Friday, Dec. 8, 2017

Current events continue to embarrass the left

Another abysmal week for the pathetic left. Media stalwarts Charlie Rose and Matt Lauer, i.e. chambermaids for the Democratic Party, exposed, literally, as the perverse predator offspring of their hero, Bill Clinton. Throw in a couple of politicos, “icon” John Conyers and “stolen seat” Al Franken, among others, and you can see the liberal house of cards on awfully shaky ground.

But let’s not forget they all learned from the master himself, “drive car drunk into river and run away while woman inside drowns” Teddy Kennedy.

On another front, the president did a great job reminding people of the dishonest Cultural Appropriator-in-Chief, Sen. Elizabeth Warren. The offense isn’t her nickname, as one of the code talkers himself said they yelled Geronimo as they jump out of planes and didn’t think twice about it. The offense is she lied on her application to get a Harvard gravy job. And her justification? Her “pawpaw” had high cheek bones.

And the final courses of this delicious week; passing a tax cut package that will benefit all working Americans, repealing the individual mandate, and rolling back Michelle Obama’s school lunch program. Now our kids can eat good food, drink a 1 percent chocolate milk, and not throw away their entire lunch in favor of fast food because they’re still hungry.

Merry Christmas! MAGA!

Dan Cerda