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Letters to the editor for Friday, Feb. 10, 2017

Behavior at anti-Trump rallies is disgraceful

Regarding the physical assaults, arson, looting, and property destruction in Berkeley and the Trump inauguration riot, these anti-free-speech melees are not spontaneous protests representing a majority of Americans.

The Democratic Party’s military wing has morphed from the Ku Klux Klan to Jim Crow to Occupy to the anti-Trump “Resist” movement of professional street thugs and their groupie mob who carried out these planned attacks.

The Wall Street Journal reports that this years’ Oscar nominated movies are all commercial flops. Madonna and Ashley Judd missed the irony of delivering pornographic dressings down of Trump supporters at the million-woman march.

The NFL is struggling with sinking ratings (Wall Street Journal, Feb. 1) for failing to crack down on anti-patriotic antics by its spoiled players.

These industries are rapidly becoming out of touch with mainstream America, the same one-way street the Democratic Party has been heading down for years.

We can assume that anti-Trump letter writers, columnists, and talking heads who don’t publicly repudiate this violence embrace the domestic terror their party has perpetrated. There’s no moral daylight between them and those who bloodied faces and torched cars.

Lynn Muzzy