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Letters to the editor for Friday, Feb. 14, 2014

Valentine’s Day should be one of 365 days of love each year

I doubt if Valentine’s Day has much meaning to a wife or woman who has been neglected all year, the victim of sports and special interests of the husband or male partner.

Love is putting the woman’s interest ahead of your own and giving her what every woman craves: to be treated as the most important person in your life, to listen to her when she speaks with understanding, to treat her with respect in all her decisions, showing her little acts of kindness, helping her in her daily life, to express the fact that she is loved and appreciated for all she brings into the marriage, showing her signs of love no matter where you may be like holding her hand or helping her on or off with her coat.

Life is all about attitude and how we treat each other, particularly your life partner who will share life’s good times and troubled times with you. In this day and age when the government wants to control all phases of your life, it’s difficult to be your own person, make your own decisions and be true to one person. That’s when character is important.

If one is true to one woman and treats her with respect and the love she deserves, Valentine’s Day is just a day of affirmation of the your continuous growing love.

James McMullen

Carson City