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Letters to the editor for Friday, Jan. 17, 2014

Take responsibility for mistakes, Mr. President

Man up, Obama. Take responsibility for your life, your choices, your actions, and your decisions. Life is full of choices. Until responsibility for those choices is a common theme from you and all Americans, this country will continue to make excuses and blame someone or something else for the condition of their lives.

Promote individual responsibility. You and all Americans screw up. When you do, take responsibility for your actions. Stop blaming others for the choices or decisions you made.

Have integrity. Live with integrity. The struggles all people go through in life should make them stronger. When you make excuses, point fingers, name call, and blame others for your choices, you become a weak dependent human being.

Poor people don’t want to believe it’s their fault they’re poor. All people who are suffering don’t want to believe it’s their fault. You and others leaders in our government don’t want to believe it’s your fault when decisions and laws you make are screwed up and hurting the country.

Individual responsibility, Mr. President, will set you and all of us free. Man up, Obama. Man up, America.

Gary Espenship


Reckless homebuyers don’t deserve handouts

Over the last few years, I have been a little upset at the foreclosure rate. My heart goes out to the people that bought a house then lost it to an illness, a death, or unemployment. I don’t mind my tax dollars helping you.

What I don’t have compassion for are for the people that bought homes and used them as an ATM machine. They used there home as an ATM machine and took out second and third mortgages frivolously funding vacations, new cars, and unnecessary toys and furnishings.

Check out zillow.com, and punch in these foreclosed houses. We taxpayers are paying two to three times the amount they paid for there home.

So, my only question is: Why should the taxpayers pay for your reckless spending sprees?

Stan Heinrichs

Carson City