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Letters to the editor for Friday, July 1, 2016

If guns need more regulation, so do TV, Internet and movies

This opinion is in response to Mr. Sadilek’s piece on June 26 calling for more regulation on the semiautomatic firearms.

When the founding fathers and the 13 states ratified the Bill of Rights, they did not envision the damage that could be done by the media/Internet/TV.

Certainly 30 rounds in 30 seconds is not nearly such a stretch of the imagination as going from hand-set type newspaper to the Internet, which has so many benefits as well as destructive and deranged content. Many people have died one way or another because of modern communications, propaganda, threats, slander and demented conveyance. Firearms are specifically protected in the Second Amendment … “shall not be infringed” … it’s so simple. They are designed to protect the free.

Sure, 0.0001 percent of the use of arms is illegal, just as cars and planes can kill purposely. The murderous dirt bag in Orlando could have killed everyone with a single bucket of gasoline and a Zippo.

I would prefer having 30 rounds readily available if a gang of thugs decided to break into my home, over 10 rounds, should that heinous act ever occur. I feel no need to check in with big brother should I decide to buy a used firearm lawfully in Nevada. Do you need a background check to buy a car? Why don’t we call the terrorists that flew into the World Trade Centers and the Pentagon “planemen?” The deceitful media calls anyone murdering with a firearm “gunman.”

Dan Zampirro

Carson City