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Letters to the editor for Friday, June 20, 2014

Regarding Jane Fonda’s apology

Regarding Earnest Bugg’s June 15 letter to the editor, I wonder if Mr. Bugg thinks that Jane Fonda’s apology was truly “exceptional.” Just wondering …

Betty Kalicki

Carson City

City officials can’t justify salaries

The people of Carson City love this city because it is small and comfortable. We do not want the population to increase. Meanwhile the city officials are always trying to bring more people because they are not satisfied with the profits the businesses are making. It is a problem, but aren’t they supposed to do what the people want?

If the city cannot function with the tax money that is collected, the salaries of the city officials should be reduced. Their solution is always to raise taxes that the people pay instead of reducing the cost of government. How long will it be before we are a traffic mess like Las Vegas? Las Vegas cannot even keep up with its road repair, traffic enforcement, rampant crime and water usage. Is that what the City Council wants for this lovely town? They cannot justify their salaries by making the town crowded.

Bud Irving

Carson City