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Letters to the editor for Friday, June 6, 2014

Sites collecting food for ‘Pets of the Homeless’

There is much negativity in our news. On the other hand, positive things are happening right in Carson City. Five active member collection sites for the national nonprofit “Pets of the Homeless” are accepting pet food — Lone Mountain Veterinary Hospital, Sierra Le Bone, Sierra Veterinary Hospital, Timberline Animal Hospital and V&T Pet Clinic. All sites bring the donated pet food to FISH, Ron Wood Family Resource Center, Do Drop In Center that distributes the donations.

Genevieve Frederick

Carson City

VA hospitals not getting a fair shake

From my perspective, the VA hospitals are getting a biased and unfavorable view reported. I use them and have had wonderful, basic care. If I was so ill or hurt that an appointment was weeks away, I just walked in (their suggestion), and I was seen within a few hours.

Now, I’ve heard people complain bitterly about the hours’ wait after walking in, but, hey, it’s free, and I saw a doctor and was treated. Something other than this “appointment book” problem is going on that I, perhaps, am not reading or hearing in the news. I don’t know their individual cases, but if one is that ill, why would they wait weeks or more for an appointment? Why not go to urgent care? (VA has them.) I find it difficult to see how people allowed their health issues to bring about death and the VA is being blamed. There are other options … again, walk in or urgent care!

So, while I see PHX VA and perhaps others need to get it together, the VA cannot be responsible if the individual does nothing but sit and wait. Sorry, but is the incomprehensible to me.

Curt Lyon

Carson City