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Letters to the editor for Friday, June 8, 2018

Question 3 is questionable proposal

Comes now, yet another attempt to circumvent our Constitution by administrative law with a questionable Question 3 where ordinary legislated action would suffice.

If it is determined that it was a mistake to have done so, by the time the six-year correction period has passed, said constitutional change may have become habit and forgotten.

If this is a “sophist defined” attempt by a NV deep state to do so; consider the fact that it also allowed the sale of that public utility to a private interest to begin with.

Government functions are considered nonprofit, private industries are not and “ner’e the twain shall meet.”

Could our rates actually really go up because of this? Can the PUC tell Mr. Buffet he can’t make a profit?

My rate went up over $100, 30 days after the sale that wasn’t publicly voted for.

It appears that as long as America can play golf, watch its Super Bowl, get its teeth whitened, have a joint and politically argue over nonsense, everything is lovely.

Wake up, America; you may be getting the wool pulled over your eyes. The truth is its own defense, unless proven otherwise.

Pete Bachstadt

Carson City