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Letters to the editor for Friday, March 2, 2018

Solving America’s gun problem

I know how to solve the gun problem with near 100 percent chance of success.

First, quadruple law enforcement. You need manpower to tackle a problem this big.

Second, confiscate the guns. This will require a search of every house, barn, car, and person in America, but it has to be done. Eliminate the need for warrants, and police will be free to do their jobs.

Third, report suspicious behavior, even if it’s a friend or family member. See something, say something. Hear something, say something. Hear from somebody that thinks they saw or heard somebody else do or say something, say something. The accused would be detained until he/she confesses. Those failing to confess would be sent to a reflection facility, to consider their failure to confess. Once they do, they would be released to stand trial. A judge would then sentence the confessed criminal to an appropriate jail term, not less than 10 years. Dangerous people must be removed from society.

A few simple steps, and we can eliminate school shootings for good, making “Amerika” safe.

Gary M. Collier