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Letters to the editor for Friday, March 25, 2016

Restroom facilities needed in every Carson park

I have some good news for Abby Johnson’s editorial of March 24 regarding the need to have restrooms in our city parks. The Carson City Parks and Recreation Plan adopted in 2006 requires a restroom in every new neighborhood park.

Thanks to yours truly who has been on the Parks and Recreation Commission since 2004, I have insisted there be restrooms in all new neighborhood parks. They call me the “restroom lady.” We have built two new neighborhood parks since I have been on the Commission and both have porta potties.

Abby is correct, we don’t need to build the big cinder block buildings; porta potties allow people to use them quickly and without temptation to linger and be destructive. So be assured Lompa will have restrooms.

But dealing with existing neighborhood parks is a different story. I live in the Long Ranch Park subdivision but moved in after the protest to not have restrooms. (The builder told me that they intended to enclose the porta potties in the same exteriors as the houses but people still objected). We really need restrooms there. Long Ranch is also a staging area for groups taking hikes into the hills.

So, please follow Abby’s request and let the Supervisors know we need these facilities in our neighborhood parks.

Donna Curtis

Carson City