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Letters to the editor for Friday, March 30, 2018

Train of thought illogical in gun opinion

A lesson in dumb syllogisms:

Example One:

A. Penguins are black and white.

B. Letters to the editor are printed in black and white.

C. Therefore, some penguins can’t keep two coherent ideas in their head at one time without getting distracted.

Example Two:

Submitted by Bill Pyatt of Dayton in the Nevada Appeal on March 28, under the headline “Parents Can Make a Difference to Reduce Gun Violence:”

A. Bill wrote: “Instead of walking the streets and banging your drum” to “protest gun violence,” parents should “sit down with (their) own kids and find out what they are up to and who they hang out with … (and) once they are gone or moved on, then you can do whatever you want to do. Up until that time, you have the responsibility of that child’s every waking moment.”

B. Bill ended his letter by saying, “As a reminder, the NRA did not load or fire those guns in those shootings and the Socialist Communist Democrats would like to control your life and disarm America. Don’t let that happen.”

C. Therefore, NRA members who obviously love their kids and know what they are doing every waking moment should have their own, well-armed schools, and Godless Democrats, who obviously could care less about their kids and don’t love them, should have their own wide-open, unarmed schools, so … OH LOOK, A PENGUIN!

Bill Kidder

Carson City