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Letters to the editor for Friday, May 16, 2014

“Chicago” brings down the house

Stephanie Arrigotti hit a new high in the Western Nevada Musical Theatre Company’s production of “Chicago” running at the Bob Boldrick Civic Auditorium weekends through May 18. Opening night was nearly sold out. The audience responded to the professional level acting, singing, dancing, and orchestral support from the first notes of the overture to the curtain calls.

Robin Kato and Kristen Charismas nailed Velma and Roxie. Robin was probably the best dancer in the ensemble. Kristen came in first place as the actor who won the audience. There were no weak actors or singers in the musical. The supporting cast included Jeff Chamberlin as the corrupt lawyer Billy Flynn, Cindy Sabatini as the crooked jail keeper Mama Morton, and Jeff Fast as Amos Hart, Roxie’s invisible husband. Amos provided comedic relief bordering on pathos. He kept the audience laughing through curtain calls. Billy Flynn provided a legal tap dance trial worthy of his years of acting experience. Greg Klino was a prefect murder victim.

Three dance troupes, two female, and one male, consistently performed at professional levels. The orchestra was the best Western Nevada Musical Theatre Company has provided to date. Costumes were perfect.

Carson City enjoys legitimate theatre in a major musical promotion because of WNMTC. The nearly full opening night should send a signal to Stephanie Arrigotti that we want more. I am told that they need to play to about 3,000 people in order to break even. And this production is a bargain. Ticket information is available at 775-445-4249.

Monte Fast

Carson City

Politics just a show for money

We are again in an election cycle. Most voters will watch TV for information. They will watch what they already believe. What happens next is letters to the editor based on what they hear and see on TV. The winners are the networks watched. Fox for Republican, Tea Party, conservatives, only true Americans. All others for socialist, communist, atheist, Muslims, not real Americans.

The talking heads are all geared up for the election season, “Give them the old razzle dazzle,” as the song goes. Give ’em an act with lots of flash in it and the reaction will be passionate.

The true American politicians who want to get elected or get a show on the true American network will follow the hocus pocus, knowing you will never catch wise. “Fool and fracture ’em, how can they hear the truth above the shrill and roar?” This will make the network rich and the talking-heads stars. Stay tuned for the newer and better then “Reverend Wright,” stun and stagger ‘em.

Watch the newer and better latest American embassy “Benghazi Congressional investigation.” It will make you forget about all other attacks on U.S. diplomatic facilities in the past with little or no investigations. “Long as you keep ‘em way off balance, how can they spot you got no talent?” Or why would they want to anyway?

Linda Adams