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Letters to the editor for Friday, Nov. 18, 2016

Bo Statham’s comments on Trump lack facts

Regarding the commentary by Bo Statham in the Nov. 11 paper, I am surprised to see this commentary with such a lack of fact checking.

First, Mr. Trump has been elected, get over it. We didn’t do all this when Obama was elected.

Second, the facts stated have been long since, mostly, disproved. Sure, his demeanor comes off as total jackass, but if you think about his political comments, they’re rather well thought out. (North Korea? Let China get rid of the leader for us! Not a bad idea).

You then go on about his comments (by the way, you never mention Mrs. Clinton’s lies. Oops! I meant comments). Most of the women have suddenly disappeared and several have apologized.

He never made fun of a disabled person. This was a Washington Post reporter who is not disabled and now works for the New York Times, I’m told, but he got flustered when caught in lies and Trump was imitating his action which you, apparently, believed without checking the facts and was put up as ads for Clinton.

I believe if he does what he said (and she did not) on NAFTA, immigration, bring jobs back, and actual workable healthcare, he’ll have deserved my support.

Mrs. Clinton is blaming her being female (one of the reasons I WOULD have voted for her) then Comey, then Obama. Anyone but herself, who, if she simply had apologized and said she made a mistake way back on the FBI investigation, she would probably have won.

Curt Lyon

Carson City