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Letters to the editor for Friday, Oct. 11, 2013

HHS did great job with flu-vaccination event

I want to express my thanks to the Carson City Health and Human Services. My family went to the influenza vaccination point of dispensation event to get flu shots. We were very impressed with the level of organization and smoothness of the event. We were guided through the entire event by friendly volunteers eager to help. It was only a few minutes from the time we entered the corporate yard until we were rolling down the windows for the shots.

We were told this flu clinic was practice in case of an epidemic or major disease outbreak. We hope this practice is never needed, but if a major outbreak occurs, it is reassuring to know the community is prepared.

Jennifer Bobo

Carson City

Nation has flaws, but it’s great to live here

Thoughts for the day: most politicians are crooked; most in Congress answer to the highest bidder, not their constituents; Obama is not a bad man, he’s just clueless; most Republicans are okay, but won’t stand up to the ultra right; Liberal Democrats are harmless until they try to do something; Congress and the president have deleted the word “compromise” from their dictionaries; the current Congress and administration are acting like babies and should have their collective butts whipped; “negotiation” has disappeared also; Obama is weak; he listens to bird brained advisors like Holder, Harry Reid, Pelosi, etc.; Lyndon Johnson would not have put up with this Congressional juvenile behavior; America has displaced Italy as a governmental laughing stock; and finally: but where else would we all want to live?

Bob Hildebrand

Carson City