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Letters to the editor for Friday, Oct. 18, 2013

Middle-schooler was on money about subs

I would like to give Hannah Golik, the middle school student who spoke in front of the school board about excessive teacher absences due to training, some much deserved kudos. She displayed courage far beyond what most people are capable of, while at the same time bringing to light valid points about the shortfalls of the race to the top grant. She was well spoken, professional, and most importantly, genuinely concerned about the quality of her education.

I hope that the school board and district heed her advice and honestly look at what we can do to keep students in the best of hands while they transition to this new educational system. Great job Hannah. You humble me, and a great many other people I am sure.

Conrad Burt

Carson City

Carson Mall poor site for storage of firearms

I can’t believe what I read in the Nevada Appeal about the opening of a warehouse where there are plans to have storage of firearms and ammunition and an archery range in our Carson Mall. Who gave approval for this? Certainly not the general public who has been waiting for another good department store to finally replace our much beloved Gottschalks where we could buy everything for home and family. Without this, we will have to travel north and south to do our shopping for Christmas. Is that the best scenario for our city, and what do our City fathers think of this?

Catherine Neely

Carson City