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Letters to the Editor for Jan. 23, 2019

Hysterical results of reader’s opinion

Regarding my letter you accepted and published about how to rid the country of illegal immigrants (Dec. 22 Appeal):

My suggestion was for the government to publish the names and addresses of all who support illegal immigration and stick them with the cost involved instead of the rest of the American citizens.

My question was how long it would take those supporting this insanity to change their minds.

The government has not published the names and addresses of those who support this action … but … I saw on the Web that I got the answer.

Minority leader of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi’s property wall was breached by some illegal people and she promptly called out law enforcement to remove them from her property.

My next thought? Is U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer’s property next in line?


Mary Santomauro


Republican presence is state’s hope for Sisolak

Heidi Gansert’s pre-recorded response to Steve Sisolak’s State of the State speech last night (Jan. 13) did not even address what he said! She “gushed” over being a member of the first female-majority legislative body (so what?!), and talked about working with the Democrats, blah, blah, blah!

Perhaps someone should have taken notes during Sisolak’s total waste of the viewers’ time, and, most likely, the forthcoming waste of the taxpayers’ money and then put together a “quicky” response that would have addressed the issues.

On the other hand, we at least have a Republican presence in the state Senate. I only hope the Republicans can stand up to Sisolak’s almost-guaranteed bullying during his regime.

John Frink

Carson City

Murder suspect caused pain at expense to taxpayers

This is another outrage! Four of our citizens murdered by an illegal! Thanks to terrific police work by four agencies, he is no longer stalking innocents and was arrested in Carson City! Who was next on his list? How was he being financially supported? By our stupid governments (taxpayers!)? Think of the pain and forever suffering for the families, neighbors, etc.! Now we get to support this rotten guy for the rest of his life and he’s only 20 years old! Now room and board, dental, medical, education, many privileges the rest of us don’t have. If he absolutely did this, I sometimes wish we still had the Old West common sense: “Get a rope!”

Sharon Wentzlaff

Carson City