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Letters to the editor for January 9, 2021

Preserve leftover food

When I was a child, the adults always said “clean up your plate, children in China are starving.” Years later I asked “why should I over eat? It will not do hungry children any good.”

We have had several parties at the Gold Dust West. The food was very good – most diners were seniors, therefore we didn’t consume a lot of the food. When I asked the waitress what they did with all the leftover food, she said I could have a take-out box if I wanted; the rest would be put in the garbage, as the health department would not let them preserve it.

What a waste. The food could have been donated to one of the places that feed the needy. Why can’t this be done? 

Donna Jensen

Carson City

Tales from the USS Nevada

The massive Allied seaborne invasion against German-occupied Western Europe came not through ease, for it had taken the combined forces efforts of the Allied air, land and sea military groups and the use of the relatively unknown vital source and services of the U.S. Merchant Marine Division providing vital fuel, food, medical supplies, and increasing the military level of “combat readiness.”

In the early years of the war, Great Britain was near starving level for many of the cargo and tankers failed to reach the island fortress, lacking escort protection. Convoys were formed with small escort vessels protecting whose firepower was not enough. The USS Nevada crossed and recrossed the Atlantic for three months escorting supplies, fuel, food, having no loss of ships, though we endured air and sea attacks from German forces. Yet, damage to the topside lashed cargo came from gales and high wave action. By dammit, the cargo ships under the protection of the Nevada, all arrived safely in ports like Bangor, Belfast, Greenock (Scot) and English Weymouth and Plymouth.

Charles Sehe


Mankato, Minn. 

USS Nevada