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Letters to the editor for July 21

Story brought back warm memories of old Carson

The cattle drives Teri Vance referred to in her July 11 story (on Will Keating and his old horse) are well-remembered by many Carson residents. Teri’s story brought back fond memories of growing up in Carson when it was still somewhat rural, and the sight of cattle stomping down 5th Street was not unnerving in the least. The drives meant a change in the season was forthcoming and expectations for the new season were welcomed with anticipation.

Thank you for the well-written story, Teri and thank you, Mr. Keating, for sharing. It was a catalyst for an interesting discussion with family of how it used to be and how much we loved growing up in Carson.

Charise Whitt

Carson City

Do not throw away state’s influence in Senate

I cannot believe people in any state with a senior senator would even consider letting that senator go. It boggles my mind. Do people not realize with seniority in the Senate comes more influence?

This mess we find our country in was not created by the current president. I just want to live and have my family live and breathe, see wildlife, swim in clean oceans and have fresh water to drink. Yes, I enjoy creature comforts like most of my generation. There are some I could forfeit to keep having a clean planet and clean drinking water.

Stop, please, the stupid blame game. There is plenty to go around. Focus on what can we all do. Focus on real problems and how to fix them. Come up with solutions, not arguments. Nevada is blessed with two senators of two parties – equal representation.

Lorraine Blosser


Government picks, chooses which laws to uphold

U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder is in the process of suing the State of Arizona over the new immigration law due to take effect on July 29. The federal government feels that the state law is unconstitutional because it usurps federal law.

It is difficult to understand, then, why the federal government has not brought suit against the many city governments that have passed sanctuary city laws banning the enforcement of federal immigration laws. At least the Arizona law mimics federal law while the city laws are diametrically opposed to the federal law.

The federal government also ignores local marijuana laws that contradict federal law.

Regardless of how you feel about the relative merits of the various laws, it is difficult to understand how the Justice Department picks and chooses which laws to defend and which to ignore. We are either a country of laws or not.

Larry Messina

Carson City

Angle on Ralston show: What interview were you watching?

Robert Sennett must have viewed a different interview between the host of “Face to Face,” Jon Ralston, and U.S. Senate candidate Sharron Angle, than the one I viewed.

I must disagree with every conclusion he reached. Further, he exhibits the vitriol of most people on the extreme far right. I don’t understand why they can’t express themselves with civility.

Betty Kalicki

Carson City

Given choice of Angle or Reid, he chooses neither

In the Nevada Appeal July 15, there was a statement from Sharron Angle. Her campaign is God’s calling, right?

I will not vote for Sen. Harry Reid this time around.

I was leaning towards Sharron Angle. Now I don’t know – in November, I might vote for None of the Above.

Chuck Sheldon


Congress got us in this mess; vote them out

This is in response to Janice Johnson’s letter on July 9 where she again blames Bush for our problems today.

When Bush was in office the first six years, he had an approval rating of 60 percent. Unemployment was 4 percent; the Dow Jones was over 14,000 points, and gas was around $2 a gallon.

In 2006 when the Democrats took over the Congress, the just-say-no party was out; the tea party did not yet exist as a movement. Congress, the body that makes the laws – not the president – put us in the hole we’re in. Gas in some areas is approaching $4 a gallon, unemployment 14 percent, the Dow Jones dropped under 7,000 points and we’re many trillions of dollars in debt to foreign countries. Triple that in four more years with Obamacare.

As far as I’m concerned, Congress – the majority being Democrats – caused the Republican party to lose by blaming everything on Bush. I think everyone needs to reassess their thinking and look at what’s going on today.

I agree that Congress needs to work together, but because of pettiness on Capitol Hill, that will never happen. That’s why over the next five years, every elected official from federal down to local needs to be voted out and new blood needs to be elected, who will truly represent the people, not special interests.

Brad McCleary

Carson City