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Letters to the Editor for July 22, 2020

In response to Dianne Jennings of Minden

What a wonderful person you must be to share so much of yourself to all of us here in Nevada. I am saddened to hear someone raised their voice in anger to you and for this person I give you an apology, as some people don’t know how to use tact and diplomacy.

However, I assume she was a bit frustrated because your message was a bit incorrect. The message if done correctly would never bring up anger, it should have read, “ALL LIVES MATTER!” as you know they do.

I left my birth town because of hateful slurs against my ethnic background. Having seen hundreds of my fellow compatriots being killed because of race, and I am considered somewhat white, I hated where I lived. In my time, my people, and the Black were on equal terms for racists. I rose above it all, and I love my country more than you can imagine.

Since I have lived in Nevada, no one has treated me with anger. I know if you alter your message a little to conform to Nevada standards (I am a 40-year resident of this fine state), you will find smiles and maybe even a hug from your fellow patriots.

Lee Vecchiarelli


We are all in this together

The front page of the Nevada Appeal on Saturday showed signs in front of the Legislature saying, “Don’t raise my taxes.”

This is a theme I’ve been hearing more often than I’d like. It doesn’t say, “Let’s look at the circumstances” or “Let’s see how this impacts other people” or “Let’s see what our state needs in order to continue to provide citizens with access to healthcare, a good education, social services, infrastructure, police and fire coverage, etc.”

Instead it says, “Take care of me,” I want to keep the lifestyle that I’ve had and not worry about what is happening to anyone else, including those who might be sick or unemployed.

Love one another. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Noble words. How are we living them? 

Midge Breeden

Carson City