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Letters to the editor for July 22

BLM excuses for roundup make no sense

You’ve got to love today’s logic: big animals with complicated, sensitive intestines are thirsty and will die – so let’s run them to death in 100-degree heat in order to save them, and then blame their deaths on the weather? If any other species were treated this way, it would be called animal abuse.

By the way, the big animals are only wild horses – funny how the thousands of cows, sheep, deer, etc., on Tuscarora permittee land are not driven to death under a scorching sun. Somehow water is provided to them.

BLM claims the Tuscarora area’s water has dried up – conveniently after one woman sued them in court – and that wild horses will die of dehydration and thirst within a week. Why, then, does BLM get to chase these horses over tens of miles in triple-degree heat if these horses are already thirsty?

BLM says there was an existing water source not more than 10 miles away. Why didn’t the horses get to it? BLM can use helicopters to push horses into traps and drive them into roundups, but they can’t show them a water hole?

Instead, BLM needs to continue to provide water and feed in humane traps to replenish the wild horses and then decide whether to relocate them to areas with better road access.

Helicopter use is barbaric and outdated – it is modern-day horse genocide. People – tell BLM traps are far more humane and cost nowhere near the millions that helicopters do.

Mandy McNitt

Carson City

Followers of Obama agenda are the extremists

Our country can no longer afford the Obama agenda and his little puppet Harry Reid carrying on like this country has an endless supply of money. And we have absolutely no use for a representative like Reid that has no qualms about voting against the will of the people.

I liked Harry Reid up to the time he became leader of the Senate majority. And even though I have always been a registered Republican, I voted for him a couple of times, but not anymore. I have noticed many changes in the man since he became leader of the Senate, none of which are character builders.

He used to be a trustworthy easy-going man with a pleasant demeanor, but now he has changed into an untrustworthy, bitter old man known for his sour puss expressions and nasty disposition towards any American group or party that does not agree with his thinking.

Reid accuses Sharron Angle of being too extreme. Isn’t that like the pot calling the kettle black? Anyone that would support the Obama socialist agenda is going way beyond extreme.

Unlike Reid, Angle will listen to you and represent you like a fellow Nevadan, no matter what your party affiliation. Reid is from the old school of politics and will merely tell you what he thinks you want to hear, and unlike Angle, he will never equally represent all Nevadans. We can no longer afford Harry Reid.

James R. Parker

Carson City

Angle chosen by God?

You must be dreaming

Sharron Angle claims she had a calling from God to unseat Harry Reid in the coming election. If this be true, it puts hope in my 86-year-old heart that God would have People magazine select me as the Sexiest Man Alive or that the San Francisco 49ers would draft me as the starting quarterback for the coming season.

When it comes to politics, it’s hard to know whose side God is on, but if Angle unseats Reid, look for me on the cover of People or throwing touchdown passes in the next Super Bowl.

Dream on Sharron, and I will do the same.

Gene Ratner

Carson City