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Letters to the editor for July 25

Why no word from school district on DUI?

As the parent of a child at Carson Middle School, the only thing I find more disappointing than Mr. Santillo’s incredible lack of judgment is the fact that we are only finding out about it two months after the incident.

Where was the Nevada Appeal when Mr. Santillo was arrested? Why did it take the news of his court hearing for this to finally be reported in the media? What did the school district know and when did they know it?

And finally, why no statement from the school district about what action they plan on taking? Yes, I understand the matter has to make its way through the courts, but if Mr. Santillo were one of his own students, he’d already be expelled and looking for a new school.

I hope Mr. Santillo gets the help he needs – he’ll need to have his act together when he goes out there looking for a new job, because he sure can’t keep the one he has now.

What a disappointment, from the school district, the Appeal, and Mr. Santillo.

Sean Mick

Carson City

Take advantage of nature’s purple presents

I enjoyed Linda Marrone’s “C is for canning” article in this morning’s paper. I’d just like to mention that soon the small plums on the purple leaf plum trees will be ripe and ready for picking.

Many people believe the fruits on these beautiful trees are a nuisance, dropping their tiny purple plums on sidewalks and leaving stains. There are others who think the fruits are poisonous. But these fruits make wonderful jams and even lovely little bites of canned fruit – that is, if you can beat the birds to them.

It’s not often that we are offered fruit for free, so you might want to consider giving the purple leaf plums a try. Add a little cinnamon or raisins to this rich and wonderful jam for a pie-like flavor. I bet that if you asked owners of these trees if you could pick some plums they would gladly allow it since it will avoid the purple stains of fallen fruit.

Pat Hamilton

Carson City

BLM, go back to humane method of roundup

 Enough is enough. I am not opposed to management of the wild horses here in Nevada. But the inhumane manner in which these roundups are conducted has got to stop. Wrong time of year and herding with helicopters is causing unnecessary deaths and should not be allowed. 

Why don’t they hire unemployed people with roundup skills and do it the old-fashioned, humane way of a roundup? I don’t think the BLM can be trusted.

Patti Stewart

Carson City

Angle fails to heed God’s call to compassion

Today’s headline touts that Sharron Angle is running for serious national office because God has called her to the task.

If that is true, I fear she suffers from selective hearing, for she apparently does not hear God call for her to be compassionate to those who are less fortunate than she. Nor does she hear his voice admonish her to abandon judgment in her dealings with the rest of us.

In my experience, those who wear their religion on their sleeve mean to place themselves above those of us who keep our relationship with God as a personal commitment, not to be blasted to the public.

Jan Walls