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Letters to the editor for May 18

Secretary of State’s ruling ignored precedents

I am responding to Secretary of State Ross Miller’s partisan ruling in the special election for Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District.

The Nevada Revised Statutes state that the major party central committees shall be the body which nominates their candidates for a special election. Ross Miller has ignored the statute completely. This is not only a poorly executed legal opinion, it demonstrates a complete lack of understanding of the party system in Nevada.

Miller has completely ignored and disregarded the legal precedent set in the 1954 special election to replace Senator McCarran as well as Supreme Court precedent. This is one of the first real tests Miller has been issued, and he squandered this opportunity. He has introduced himself to the state as a shill for his party and a weak leader.

Mary Jane Harding

Douglas County Republican Central Committee

Taxes should not be used to murder

In response to Mr. John Reese, abortion is murder, and is in direct violation of God’s sixth commandment, “Thou shalt not kill.”

Taxes should not be used for the murder of anyone whom our government or society might deem useless or unwanted. It’s still murder, and like the three Hebrew men of old who wouldn’t fall down before the idol that King Nebuchadnezzar had set up to worship, we cannot fall down before the idol of abortion and allow the innocent to be murdered.

We, as Christians, must be willing to stand against ungodly laws, just like the three Hebrew men did, and like Daniel, and countless others have done before us. Man’s laws can never be obeyed when they are made in direct violation of God’s holy laws.

I stand on the side of God and the innocent helpless. I will not be forced to pay for murder, or anything else that goes against God’s word.

Repent and trust Jesus Christ alone for salvation. Amen.

Rosalie Hinton

Carson City

Despite changes, Sertoma Chili & Craft Fair had a great turnout

This letter is a response to the letter from Al Rogers, published on May 8 in the Nevada Appeal.

The Carson Valley Sertoma club is proud of its 19-year history of cooking chili and presenting good crafters. Over the years, we have raised tens of thousands of dollars with this event. And we put every nickel back into the Carson Valley for helping needy folks and worthwhile charities.

We started in the Topaz Lodge parking lot with a few chili cooks and a couple of craft booths and we continued to grow in popularity, more cooks, more crafters, outgrowing the TRE venue. We moved to Minden, into the Carson Valley Inn parking lot. We were limited in space to the ICS cooks and about 70 craft booths.

Sadly the world changes, and we had to adapt. A combination of demographics, fuel costs and competing events in Southern California precluded us from having adequate ICS cooks the last two years, so we decided to have more craft booths and cook our own “Almost Famous” Sertoma Chili. Our recipe is supervised by a club member who has been a longtime ICS member and championship chili judge.

This pivotal year was a big concern for us. We placed hundreds of fliers from Smith Valley to Carson City. We ran radio ads noting the changes: a Chili & Craft Fair. Fortunately, with the continued support of many local businesses and a great turnout of valley folks, we had a successful event.

Tim Taylor, President-Elect

Carson Valley Sertoma Club