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Letters to the Editor for May 25

Use local construction workers on local projects

I can see that our local construction workers may be going back to work soon with the help of the new City Center Project in Carson City.

In the Jan. 6, 2010, Nevada Appeal, there was an article about Nugget land being transferred to the Adams Trust. Steve Neighbors, the sole trustee who controls the Carson Nugget trust said the move was made to prepare for the city’s pending decision about the Carson City Center Project which might be built on the land behind the Nugget by P3 Development of Sacramento, Calif.

This is not the first time I’ve seen outside companies hired to build local projects. What is wrong, is there not a company in Nevada that can do the job? If this company is hired to build the project, I would hope that the city fathers of Carson would make sure that local subcontractors are used to do the building.

I saw the same thing happen in north Douglas County several years ago when an apartment complex was built.

If the city fathers and the Adams Trust do not make a great effort to make sure local companies and workers are used, then shame on them. This is reported to be an $87.3 million project, and we do not need all that money going to California just because they’re hurting.

We are hurting here in Nevada, also. I hope the citizens of Carson City insist that local workers and companies be used. Our citizens need jobs.

Bill and Marie Sweetwood

Carson City

Douglas County violating code

Douglas County violates its own code. Douglas County Code 20.D.060 Rates and Charges states the county will charge a standby fee for utilities serving improved lots for which no connections have yet been made.

Those fees are designed to cover the interest on the bonds issued to construct the facilities to serve those lots and the depreciation of those facilities.

Douglas County is not charging those fees as per their own code. Furthermore, the county manager, district attorney and the commissioners have all refused to respond to my emails asking how or why these fees are not being changed.

Has anybody ever read their own code?

The result is that the county has substantially increased the current user fees to cover these costs, fees which are projected to go much higher.

That is not only unfair, but a violation of the county code. This is a legal issue which nobody is enforcing.

Stuart Posselt


Carson resident just trying to get by

Panhandling is when a person has no other choice.

I was a restaurant manager for seven years. Then I was injured during an off-hours accident that wasn’t covered by insurance. Since I ended up on disability at such a young age, I received very little in disability, just enough to cover rent and utilities. I had to live in my van for a year on a friend’s property.

I have two boys, and I want to live long enough to see them grow up. After rent, I have enough money left to provide food for a weekend visit from my children.

Due to Sandoval’s insistence that only the poor give up something to balance the budget, I will be unable to continue school. I have been wearing glasses held together by an eraser for over a year. The Republicans are unwilling to share their part of the burden of a bad economy.

I tried panhandling, but was asked to leave by the businesses. It seems the people who make the budget cuts don’t want to see the people affected by those cuts. I am not allowed to ask for money, and I don’t receive enough to live on.

Are people like me expected to go find a field to die in? I believed in voting for the best person regardless of political party. Now, I realize that voting Republican is only best for the rich. If you would like to help me, please go to http://www.adamsfamily.bbnow.org.

Adam D. Carroll Sr.

Carson Cit