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Letters to the Editor for May 27

2011 Dayton Valley Days will go on

Contrary to the information told by Dayton Chamber of Commerce spokespersons, the 2011 Dayton Valley Days is going strong.

I need to question why someone would tell not only the newspaper but Oodles of Noodles vendors that Dayton Valley Days is no longer.

Ruth Small, Patty Polish and I passed the torch to Healthy Communities in 2010, but they declined to run the event this year, so Ruth and Patty agreed to help me again this year. We already have 30 vendors signed up, silent auction requests sent out, the Kiwanis on board for the pancake breakfast, and the Dayton Valley Car Club on board with the 9th Annual Gold Creek Show-n-Shine.

The event will be held Sept. 17-18 on Pike Street, Logan Alley, and Main Street once again.

I just received another phone call asking why we have canceled Dayton Valley Days. We have not. The only place it has been canceled is in the minds of certain Dayton Chamber of Commerce members.

David Small


Oodles of Noodles was a lot fun

I just wanted to let Dayton know that I enjoyed myself at the Oodles of Noodles event.

The folks in your town are very friendly. I am looking forward to next year’s event.

Richard Baker


Cobb off base when it goes to Nevada’s budget

Appeal columnist Tyrus Cobb wrote on May 5: “… we still are searching for the elusive alternative to the Sandoval austerity budget. … I believe we are a low-tax state and can certainly accept certain new taxes.”

Cobb, whose curriculum vitae lists service in the Reagan administration, has repudiated his old boss’s wisdom about low taxes and limited government. Sandoval, however, understands the need for the private sector to keep more of the wealth it generates to create jobs and investment. The best way to generate more tax revenue is to get government off the back of the taxpaying free market.

Cobb’s antiseptic prose about searching for an alternative to Sandoval’s austerity budget might have been written in the faculty lounge during the Bush administration, when unemployment was 5 percent, gas was under $2, and the Fed wasn’t inflating consumer prices and weakening the dollar. Cobb’s certain new taxes will trickle down to those who lack the economic power to avoid them; those low-taxed small businesses, the unemployed, and the underemployed slammed by the recession.

Political analyst Chuck Muth, also writing online on May 5, pointed out that with new revenue additions, Sandoval’s proposed budget is now $6.2 billion, versus last year’s $6.4 billion budget.

Hmmm, no austerity budget. It appears Cobb is just another faux intellectual who turned Reagan’s picture to the wall because he’s chosen statism over freedom. Well, even Jesus had his Judas.

Lynn Muzzy