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Letters to the Editor for May 28

Thank you Sak N Save for the fabulous service and assistance your employees and managers have provided me since the name changed, and before, when they also worked for Scolari’s.

I have enjoyed the purchases of daily food needs I use for my special required menus because of the numerous medical conditions I have been diagnosed with. I also enjoyed the prices they charged and the many special sales of the items I need.

Every person who worked there was very helpful when I asked any questions about the items I bought. Thank all of you employees for being so nice and helpful.

Tony Marangi

Carson City

Having just read the commentary by Eugene T. Paslov entitled “Fear is alive and well in our country,” I feel compelled to agree with him to some degree. There is indeed a large segment of the citizenry who have lost faith in the government. Perhaps the remainder subscribe to the theory “ignorance is bliss.”

While I don’t pay attention to the Rush Limbaughs of the world, I do try to keep up with current affairs and sometimes the news can be troubling. Case in point; I was unable to comprehend the vastness of the budget numbers for the month of February so I decided to drop off some irrelevant zeros and apply the numbers to a fictional budget. Here is what such a budget might look like:

The monthly income for February is $1,080. The February expenditures are $3,280. The $2,200 shortfall is simply added to the existing credit card debt which has a current balance of $347,000.

The situation is deteriorating each and every month, and while the interest rate on this credit card (government debt) is very low at the moment, it is bound to go up at some point in the future.

If that does not scare me, nothing will.

Rook Wetzel

Carson City

Carson City is blessed with great candidates for school board trustee in District 1. But one candidate, Tom Keeton, stands out as best-qualified to have your vote. I base my opinion on his history of service to Carson City. The following are samples of his service:

Tom has been a volunteer math tutor at Fritsch Elementary for the last six years. He works with third- and fifth-grade students, directly in the classroom.

Tom has also been a judge of the annual senior projects at Carson High School for the last five years.

This year, Tom added Interview Day at Carson Middle School to his volunteer activities. He played the role of a top manager interviewing a prospective hire – the student. The student must prepare a resume and letter of recommendation. Student and volunteer then role play. This prepares the students for what lies ahead.

Tom has also worked on several special committees to improve economic vitality and our quality of life. One subcommittee concluded there was a need for a dedicated technical high school. Ten years have gone by, and we are still debating the point. Tom says it is time for action.

Voters, don’t let this talent get away. Vote for Tom Keeton. Tom can be reached through his website www.

tomkeetonforschoolboard.com or by phone 841-3991.

Harry L. Fowler

Carson City