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Letters to the Editor for May 29

Remember legislators, the Indoor Air Act was voted on by the people

As a 20-year resident of Nevada and a cancer nurse, I, along with a majority of voters, supported the Nevada Clean Indoor Air Act, passed six years ago. In my 30-plus years of caring for cancer patients, I have seen first-hand the devastating effects that smoking and exposure to second-hand smoke can have.

On May 23, AB 571 comes to light, a bill which will erode the NCIAA and allow smoking in stand-alone bars, taverns and saloons where food is served. Are we supposed to stand idly by and endure second-hand smoke once again? What about the rights of employees in these establishments? And, what is next for those who think so little of the voters?

Legislators should support the will of the people. The voters of Nevada sent a clear message to the legislators: we want a healthier Nevada and the NCIAA is one way to move toward that goal. This bill will be voted on in the Assembly, and if it passes, will move to the Senate.

Send a message to your assemblymen/women and stop this bill from eroding a law mandated by the people of Nevada. My family deserves to be protected from the harmful effects of second-hand smoke and yours does too.

Carla Brutico, RN, OCN


Free lunch for the Governor

I had to laugh when I read about Gov. Sandoval’s visit to Dayton last week.

While young college students from around the state were braving the cold and begging for more money for higher education, Gov. Sandoval was dining with culinary students, staff and a handful of community leaders at Dayton High School.

Keep in mind that this luncheon took place while his draconian cuts to K-12 education were still on the table. I sure hope staff members took this opportunity to debate these important educational issues with their students. His intent could not have been more transparent.

Shame on you, Gov. Sandoval.

Barbara Peck, retired teacher


One question about school vouchers

School vouchers: (Is that) socialism for tea partiers?

Russ Law

Carson City

Time to rethink, improve education system

Money, money, money. Nevada students are thrown to the wolves.

With budget issues consuming Nevada’s General Assembly, education issues are largely forgotten. We need to protect our children’s legacy now by supporting AB 222, 225 and 229.

We all know that times in the U.S. are tough and that times in Nevada are tougher. We need to reinvent the wheel by rethinking and improving a system that has not kept up with the times. Students deserve a system that recognizes and retains their best teachers. With the hard work quality teachers put into their craft day after day, teachers deserve that system. We must promote initiative and not entitlement currently championed through policies of last-in, last-out, if we are to be the world-class competitor we need to be.

With our educational system rife with dropouts, and with math and reading scores below proficiency levels, we need to redraw the plan. We need to foster an educational system that creates, retains and rewards our most dedicated, innovative and productive teachers. We need to support General Reforms AB 222, 225 and 229.

Our teachers have too much responsibility and too little authority. We can raise educational levels by rewarding talented teachers accordingly. Give them status, salary and supplies.

Equal to and concurrent with the needs of our teachers are the needs of our students. We must recognize and reward their efforts by creating an opportunity for outstanding education for all. This creates pride and further initiative.

Pamela Goodall

Las Vegas

When you find a good doctor, spread the word

Dr. Gott’s recent article reminds me of when a local medical group terminated my family because I asked a nurse to not be so rude. I had been inquiring about medication the doctor prescribed but was getting no response to my calls or faxes. They didn’t like my persistence, so I received a letter stating the doctor/patient relationship had ended, therefore my entire family was immediately terminated from all doctors within the medical group.

In Dr. Gott’s article, a husband and wife were terminated for questioning the update of their medical records. Sadly, this happens more often, particularly with larger medical groups. I hear of others being terminated simply because the patient had too many questions.

It’s appalling how some doctors treat their patients. It is a patient’s right to ask questions, to understand the care they are receiving, to have medical records updated, to get medications prescribed correctly.

Carson City has limited doctors to choose from, so when we are terminated, it is traumatic to find all new doctors and reestablish a relationship all over again. Many independent doctors are having to join larger groups or quit their practice altogether in this economy. That is very sad for Carson City.

I now have a primary care doctor who listens and doesn’t take offense if I question her advice. For that, I am thankful. When you do find a good doctor, spread the word because they’re the ones we want to keep in business.

Kathy Rhea

Carson City

Government not education system that is failing us

The question we should be hearing from the Nevada Legislature is, “How does our government ensure the quality of education services in our state?”

Instead we hear legislators wondering why they should fund a failing education system. It is the responsibility of our government to educate citizens. Period. End of story.

I say it is not our education system failing us, it is our state government that is failing us.

Donna Schlemmer

Las Vegas