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Letters to the Editor for November 18, 2020

Carson City Democrats and Republicans statement on election

Carson City Clerk-Recorder Aubrey Rowlatt and Chief Deputy Clerk Miguel Camacho-Reyes along with their staff at the Clerk-Recorder’s office earned a well deserved thanks and praise for Carson City’s very successful voting season.

They and their staffs’ planning and execution of this complex and detailed process was exceptional and flawless. They had only a few months’ notice of significant changes in our election laws and at the same time dealing with COVID-19’s many restrictions.

We also thank the many city employees and volunteers that assisted in this effort. This election effort can truly be said to be a Carson City group project that we can all be proud of.

The Carson City Democratic Party and the Carson City Republican Party collective appreciation goes to Rowlatt and Camacho-Reyes and their staff. We and all of Carson City are fortunate and glad to have them at the Clerk-Recorder’s office.

Paul Strasser and Michael Greedy

Chairman, Carson City Republican Party

Chairman, Carson City Democratic Party

Laws that aren’t laws

Nevada has a law that is not law, but it has the “effect” of law because of its legitimate purpose. It is called the Nevada Administrative Code. It primarily covers the different agencies our government establishes and is normally confined to just those agencies as they all function differently.

Those applying it are not elected, merely providing for their own agency’s direction. Recently, this law has been expanded to affect everything and everybody without notice, which allows un-elected bureaucrats to create law without necessity, restraint, review or consent by the American constitutional way. I can personally prove that with several examples.

Any governor can “propose” laws to a legislative process but cannot personally dictate laws to anybody in this Christian republic. That would be a violation of their oath of office and is as unconstitutional as is closing our Supreme Court library to deny the public’s access to the laws that do govern them.

Administrative is just a nice way of saying communism which isn’t nice. Thank you, un-informed school boards.

Are we now being pre-trained to obey “administratively” instead of “electively?”

Pete Bachstadt

Carson City